Japan Diaries 4: Summary

Please join us on our ongoing fourth adventure in Japan. To summarize our adventures in the Land of the Rising Sun, here's the list (complete with links*) of the articles about our day-to-day life and also the places and events that we have visited and experienced:

* Please click the links to read the articles.

Road to JET Programme


Rumoi ALT 

Special Articles


10 Things to Do

Places visited

Tokyo Prefecture

Shinjuku City

Mie Prefecture

Shima City

Toba City

Ise City

Kyoto Prefecture

Kyoto City

Osaka Prefecture

Izumisano City

Osaka City

Sennan City

Wakayama Prefecture

Wakayama City


Wakkanai City


  1. I enjoy reading your articles. You are super organized. I feel like I'm in Japan too.

  2. Do you have any articles about Abashiri? My family and I are planning to visit the place this coming April. Thanks!

    1. Hi there! Yes I do but it will be published after a few months. Sorry. :(

  3. Wow! This is by far the longest Japan Diaries summary that you have.

    1. To be honest with you, I have articles lined up til next year. This article will be much longer after that.

  4. I've been reading about your Japan Diaries 4 series and I'm happy to see that you've been going places. Which one is your favorite?


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