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Marcela Agoncillo Museum - Batangas

Located beside Calle Marcela Marino Agoncillo in the town of Taal in Batangas, Marcela Agoncillo Museum is the ancestral house of the principal seamstress of the first Philippine Flag. Marcela Agoncillo Museum Marcela Agoncillo Museum History The  Marcela Agoncillo Museum  / ancestral house is a  bahay na bato  built sometime around the 1780s and is one of the oldest houses in Taal . The house was built by Dona Marcela's grandfather, Don Andres Marino . Dona Marcela inherited the house after the death of her grandfather and she chose to live in the house even after being married in 1889 to Felipe Agoncillo who would later on become known as the "First Filipino Diplomat". Marcela Agoncillo Museum / Heritage House - Taal, Batangas The historical marker of Dona Marcela Marcela Agoncillo statue found outside her house Read: The Republic Act 8491 contents Museo nina Marcela Marino at Felipe Agoncillo The ownership of the house was then passed on to the child

Manila Cathedral - Manila

Located at Plaza de Roma, inside the walled city (district) of Intramuros in Manila, Manila Cathedral is currently one of the two Spanish Colonial era churches found in Intramuros. It also serves as the see of the Archbishop of Manila.  Manila Cathedral - Minor Basilica and Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception Manila Cathedral History Informally known and called as  Manila Cathedral , it is actually named  Minor Basilica and Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception . Like what the name suggests, the cathedral is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was established sometime in 1571 by a secular priest named Juan de Vivero.  Manila Cathedral - Intramuros, Manila The 7th Cathedral 1879 - 1945 Manila Cathedral facade NHC Historical marker for Manila Cathedral Some of the saint statues outside the cathedral are St. Rose of Lima (not in picture), St. Jacob the great (not in photo), St. Andrew the Apostle, St. Francis Xavier, St. Polycar

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