Ashibetsu Shrine - Hokkaido

Ashibetsu Shrine (蘆別神社) is the main shrine of the city of Ashibetsu. It is located at Kita 3 Jonishi, 1 Chome−6−10, in Ashibetsu City in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.

Ashibetsu Shrine

Ashibetsu Shrine details

Ashibetsu Shrine - Ashibetsu City, Hokkaido Prefecture

Ashibetsu Shrine dates back to 1894 when Jikichi Numata and Jintaro Hatano of the Daini Sawaguchi group built a small shrine near Route 38. Since then, the shrine has undergone several renovations, but its essence still remains the same - a place of worship and serenity.

Ashibetsu Shrine main torii gate


In 1930, the Ashibetsu Shrine was established at its present location on Kita 3-jo Nishi 1-chome 6, where it enshrined Amaterasu-no-Omikami. During its early years, both Sawaguchi groups organized festivals to commemorate the shrine. However, in 1938, there was a growing consensus to rebuild the shrine building. A district general meeting was convened to select members for the shrine building committee, and eventually, the construction project was successfully completed.

Ashibetsu Shrine Main Hall

The shrine is connected to the monk's residence

Things to see on Ashibetsu Shrine grounds

Mark of the 100th anniversary of the enshrinement (御鎮座百周年記念の標)

Ashibetsu Shrine's chozuya

The chozubachi

Inari Shrine (Ashibetsu Shrine Setsuesha)


Loyalty Monument (忠魂碑)

In 1945, the object of worship at the Ashibetsu Shrine was changed from the central deity of Amaterasu Kotaijingu Shrine to a branch spirit from Ise Jingu Shrine. Since then, the shrine has evolved into a popular destination for pilgrims not just from Hokkaido but also from other regions. It serves as a place of worship and additionally caters to the needs of approximately 2700 households in the vicinity.

Ashibetsu Shrine komainu

Ashibetsu Shrine's un-gyo

Ashibetsu Shrine's a-gyo

Ashibetsu Shrine's komainu

One of the most remarkable features of the Ashibetsu Shrine building is its Shinmei-zukuri architectural style, which adds to its aesthetic appeal. The stunning natural surroundings provide captivating views of the Hokkaido landscape, further enhancing the beauty of the shrine. The shrine's annual holiday falls on September 6th, attracting locals who gather to celebrate and offer prayers.

Team Nicerio visits Ashibetsu Shrine

My family and I visited Ashibetsu Shrine for the first time last September 10, 2022, as part of our September 9-11 Road Trip. It was my 313th day in Japan as an ALT under the JET Programme. I included Ashibetsu Shrine in our itinerary as my daughter and I have a tradition of visiting the main shrines of each municipality that we visit for the first time to pay respects and also offer some prayers.

Ashibetsu Shrine Fees

It’s FREE to enter and explore Ashibetsu Shrine. Parking is also FREE.

Ashibetsu Shrine Operating Hours

Ashibetsu Shrine grounds is open 24/7 but the office is open from 9 AM to 4 PM only.

Why visit Ashibetsu Shrine?

Ashibetsu Shrine is the main shrine of Ashibetsu City. It’s a place to go if you want to pay respect to the guardians/protectors of the city. You can also get a goshuin here. Don’t miss checking out the beautiful Inari Shrine inside the shrine grounds when you visit.

Getting to Ashibetsu Shrine


From Asahikawa Station, board the Kamui 30 Limited Express Sapporo of the Lilac-Kamui Line. Board down at Takikawa Station. 

From there, transfer to the Local Higashi-Shikagoe train of the Nemuro Line and board down at the Ashibetsu Station. 

Ashibetsu Shrine is about 850 meters away. 

Travel time: 1 hour and 26 minutes
Fare: 3,360 yen




Overall rating


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