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Palaisdaan Restaurant - Quezon

Located in Barangay Dapday, Tayabas City in the province of Quezon,  Palaisdaan Restaurant  is a restaurant known for its bamboo huts floating in man-made ponds.  Palaisdaan Restaurant Palaisdaan Restaurant details Palaisdaan Restaurant - Tayabas City, Quezon Palaisdaan Restaurant   translates to a " fish pond " restaurant. It is one of the several " kamayan " themed restaurants in Tayabas City. For those who are not familiar with what a kamayan-themed is, it is a restaurant that encourages its visitors to eat with their bare hands. Something Filipinos do in ancient times and can still be seen in very rural areas at present.  This arch was removed last time I passed by... Palaisdaan Restaurant is usually confused with another famous restaurant called Kamayan sa Palaisdaan Restaurant which is also in the municipality. The said restaurant is actually owned by the family of the owner of Palaisdaan Restaurant hence the close resemblance with the theme and the

Abra Adventure: Tubo

Our adventure today takes us 55 kilometers south of Bangued (Abra's provincial capital) and 267 kilometers north of Kilometer 0 in Manila. Join me as we visit the quiet remote town of Tubo in the province of Abra. Tubo Details This would probably be the first if not one of the few blogs that you'd read about Tubo , Abra. To most, this place is like an uncharted island due to the fact that going to Tubo in itself is a challenge for those who want to visit it. Abra provincial seal The town of Tubo is known for its beautiful forested and mountainous surroundings. It's also a perfect place for outdoor adventures. One of which is off-road driving. Due to its remoteness, most of the roads going to it are still unpaved (not to mention some "bridgeless" rivers). That's why 4x4 enthusiasts would surely call it paradise. On a side note, I got to visit Tubo when I joined a group of 4x4 enthusiasts on their medical mission. Terence, ready for battle! Despit

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