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Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 14

Weekend 14: February 5 - 6, 2022 Day 96: February 5, 2022 Saturday - Rest at home Woke up to a very cold morning. It also seems like my adrenaline from yesterday's ski trip already subsided and I'm already feeling the effects of all those tumbles and explosive movements. In short, I'm sore. I spent most of the day blogging As you might recall, I joined the annual ski trip of Tomamae Commercial High School yesterday at Haboro Townspeople Ski Resort . Since it was my first time to ski, my adrenaline and dopamine nullified whatever pain my body felt every time I fall down or overstretch whatever muscle.  Lunch for today: Shin Noodle Soup and burnt porkchop Well, today would probably be the first time in the year (and hopefully the only time) that I took  Alaxan® .  Spent the night chatting with my beautiful wife. I spent the whole day at home resting and doing some easy chores. I also took the time to update my blog and chat with my family. That basically is how my Saturday

Haboro Townspeople Ski Resort - Hokkaido

Haboro Townspeople Ski Resort ( 羽幌町民スキー場びゅー ) is a destination to visit if you're seeking a decent area to ski in northern Hokkaido. It's located at 405 番地 1 Central in Haboro Town in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan . Haboro Townspeople Ski Resort Haboro Townspeople Ski Resort details Managed by the local government, the Haboro Townspeople Ski Resort is one of the many ski resorts in Rumoi Subprefecture. This ski resort offers an advanced ski course (Course A) and a basic ski course (Course B). Haboro Townspeople Ski Resort - Haboro, Hokkaido Prefecture Course A has a total length of 880 meters with steep slopes while Course B measures 860 meters and has a gradual slope. To reach the top of the ski hill, Haboro Townspeople Ski Resort installed a pair lift that ferries skiers to the top in just about 10 minutes. Haboro Townspeople Ski Resort - Course A and B Haboro Townspeople Ski Resort  Ski Lodge This also serves as the office and cafeteria  Inside the ski lodge Haboro Townspeo

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