Japan Diaries 4: Day 272


Day 272: July 31, 2022

Sunday - Afternoon stroll with the family

It's the end of my 39th weekend here in Japan. Although we rested for half the day, my family and I decided to go on a stroll in the afternoon. 

Afternoon stroll in Rumoi City

There were a lot of beautiful flowers that bloom along the sidewalk. 

Rumoi Roadside Station

For our afternoon walk, we headed to the Rumoi Michi no Eki / Rumoi Roadside Station. Upon arriving at the roadside station, we tried its famed soft cream with a cone made from locally grown pumpkin. We also went to Chairumo to check out what the souvenir store has to offer.

Ella at Rumoi Roadside Station
Revisiting Rumoi Roadside Station

I got my Rumoi Roadside Station stamp

We stayed on the second floor of Rumoi Roadside Station

We returned and stayed on the second floor of the Rumoi Roadside Station to eat and enjoy the view of Senba Park. Although the Rumoi Michi no Eki is open 24/7, the staff informed us that the second-floor area and the Funaba Kitchen would close at around 5PM but of course for the whole night for those motorists who would stay for the night at the parking area. 

I loved the soft cream while enjoying the view of Senba Park

Surprisingly, the sun didn't set yet and there was still enough light for us to explore Senba Park behind the Rumoi Roadside Station.  

Senba Park

Team Nicerio visits Senba Park

It was my first time visiting and exploring the park and I was amazed at how big and beautiful it was. It has a flower garden, a mini golf area, and some hills. Senba Park is vast enough to play a variety of sports, walk, jog, bike, and even have picnics. 

Walking around Rumoi City at night.

Next stop: Lapita Ramen

What a cute pig

Look who's excited to eat some ramen

When it got dark, we headed back home. On our way, we decided to eat dinner at Lapita. The restaurant is famous for its ramen hence, it was no surprise that we ordered ramen for dinner. 

Spicy Miso Ramen


My wife ordered miso ramen. She was so pleased with this order that she managed to finish the whole bowl. I ordered the spicy miso ramen which is delicious to my own standard. 

It's another great day here in Japan. See you on our next adventure!

Overall, once again, my family and I had a fulfilling weekend. We are looking forward to the next week particularly on Monday as Engan Bus offers another FREE Bus Day to Asahikawa City also Matsuda-sensei would accompany me to Asahikawa for the shaken transfer of the car so that I would legally own the car already. 

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