Japan Diaries 4: Day 279

Day 279: August 7, 2022

Sunday - Bonding with Teacher Kanda

Driving back to Rumoi City

Good morning everyone! It's another beautiful day. Our first time camping at Belle Park Chippubetsu Camping Ground was a success. We would have wanted to stay and wait for the Chippubetsu Roadside StationCentennial Memorial Tower, and the Chippubetsu Folk Museum to open but we have another travel plan. This time with Teacher Kanda.

It's another road trip with Teacher Kanda

Miraie also Miraihe

From Chippubetsu, we drove straight home to wash up and prepare as Teacher Kanda would pick us up at 9:45AM. When Teacher Kanda arrived, we headed to Rumoi Port for a special event. We went to see and tour the sailing ship Miraie / Miraihe which is on a port visit. It was open to the public from 10 AM to 12 NN. The sailboat has been sailing around Japan to visit ports to promote seafaring to the locals. I was able to see its promotional poster on the Rumoi City website. Since we have a scheduled trip with Teacher Kanda, I proposed the idea of visiting the sailboat and thankfully, she also wanted to see it. 

Team Nicerio's tour inside Miraie

Team Nicerio tours Miraie

Miraie's crew was really kind, accommodating, and nice. We had a tour of the ship and learned about the many sections of the ship. There was also an activity where guests could learn how to tie a unique knot. Ella and Teacher Kanda tried it, and it was a lot of fun to watch.

Saga Family Fishing Grounds

Teacher Kanda translates the information into English

Ella and I tried carrying the Mokko or the traditional wooden backpack used to carry the herring

From the port, we drove to the Saga Family Fishing Grounds which is open only until next week. We were greeted and toured by the curator inside the historic building. The building was old and to be honest, needs to be restored soon as some parts were already damaged by the elements. 

Off to our next destination

Lunch at La Pause

La Pause
Waiting for our orders

Here is what we ordered

It was lunchtime when our tour ended so we drove to La Pause in Shiomicho, Rumoi City for lunch. The restaurant served Western and Italian food. I tried the Hamburger Set, Teacher Kanda, and Ella ordered the carbonara, while my wife had the pork ginger dish. We also tried the cheesecake and ice cream plate dessert.

Teacher Kanda drove us home after lunch and said her goodbyes. We all felt exhausted from the weekend's events, so we made the decision to call it a day. early Overall, I had a fantastic 279th day in Japan. Once more, we had the opportunity to go by car with Teacher Kanda, and of course, we had a great time. We'll see you on our next journey.

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  1. I enjoyed reading about your adventure.

    1. Thank you so much! Please do check out my other articles. =)


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