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Japan Diaries 4: Week 10

Week 10: January 3-7, 2022 Day 63: January 3, 2022 Monday - JR Tower Observatory T38 It's a beautiful morning! We all got tired from our adventure yesterday so as expected everyone wanted an extra few hours of sleep. I took this opportunity to update my travel diary. Batch, Flong, and I head out once again to Sapporo. When everyone was awake, we had our brunch at around 10AM. During that time, we discussed what places we could visit if we'd head out after lunch. There were some suggestions like Mt. Moiwa and Moerenuma Park but they were all outdoor destinations that involved more walking plus we also need to factor in the weather.  We settled for Mt. Moiwa as it is known for its beautiful nighttime view of Sapporo City. However, thankfully, I checked its official website while everyone else was preparing and saw that there was a video feed live from the peak. Sadly, the view was obscured by clouds. Destination for the day - JR Tower Observatory It discouraged the group which d

Tozai Subway Line Sapporo - Hokkaido

At present, with a population of about 1.95 million, Sapporo City is the most densely populated city in Hokkaido Prefecture. That is why it's no surprise that the city has a wider variety of transportation compared to the other cities in the prefecture. While most cities in Hokkaido have buses and trains Sapporo is the only one with a subway line, and mind you, it doesn't only have one but three subway lines. These are the Namboku Line, Toho Line, and the Tozai Line.   Tozai Subway Line Sapporo   For today's article, I'll focus on one of those subway lines. Read on and discover the Tozai Subway Line of Sapporo City.  Tozai Subway Line Sapporo Details Tozai Subway Line - Sapporo City Hokkaido Prefecture The Tozai Subway Line opened on June 10, 1976.  Its name  東西線  literally translates to "East-West Line". It has a total rail length of 20.1 kilometers that runs from Miyanosawa Station to the east. To date, the Tozai Subway Line is the longest among the three

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