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San Juan Nepomuceno Church - Batangas

Located at Burgos Street in the town of San Juan in Batangas, San Juan Nepomuceno Church is a Spanish-colonial era church named after Saint John of Nepomuk who the Catholics refer to as the martyr of the confessional and patron saint of Czechoslovakia.  San Juan Nepomuceno Church San Juan Nepomuceno Church History The original church structure of San Juan Nepomuceno was constructed in 1843 in a town called San Juan de Bocboc which is presently called Barangay Pinagbayanan. The original church was built using light materials like bamboo, nipa, and palm which were very abundant in the area. San Juan Nepomuceno Church - San Juan, Batangas San Juan Nepomuceno Church facade I'm quite sure that's San Juan Nepomuceno In 1855, the church underwent its first major renovation when stones were used to replace its original materials. However, the church was destroyed by a strong flood in 1883. To avoid any similar incidents in the future, the church was transferred to

Plaridel Church - Plaridel

Located along Calle Rizal, Barangay Poblacion, Plaridel in the province of Bulacan, Plaridel Church is one of the Spanish colonial era churches of the province.  Plaridel Church Plaridel Church History Formally named Santiago Apostol Church , Plaridel Church was first established in 1581 as one of the visita  or mission chapels of Malolos. It was formerly located in a barrio called Lumangbayan. However, it had to be transferred across the Quingua River (now Angat River) to its present location as it was frequently flooded during the rainy season.  Plaridel Church - Plaridel, Bulacan The bell tower and the church facade of Plaridel Church A church was built in 1602 and was finished fifteen years later in 1617. The church was made from adobe stones and bricks. Sadly, lightning struck it in 1705 and the ensuing fire razed it down. A new church was rebuilt in 1722 but was razed by fire again in 1772. However, this time, it was quickly rebuilt.  Plaridel Church 's NH

2019 Bicol Road Trip Summary

Missed some parts of our 2019 Bicol Road Trip ? Here's the summary of our 6-day 2019 Bicol Road Trip . Day 1  -  Off to Naga City Places worth checking out: Nagaland Hotel ________________________________________________ Day 2  -  Cam Sur - Albay Places worth checking out: Naga Metropolitan Cathedral Revisited 2019 Ocampo Deer Farm ________________________________________________ Day 3  -  Tour of Camalig Places worth checking out: Quintuinan Hills Hoyop Hoyopan Cave Solong Eco-Park ________________________________________________ Day 4  -  Exploring Sorsogon Places worth checking out: Barcelona Ruins Park Bulusan Lake Dancalan Beach ___ ____________________________________________ Day 5  -  Legazpi City x Daraga x Camalig  Places worth checking out: Albay Park and Wildlife Cagsawa Ruins Sumlang Lake  ________________________________________________ Day 6  -  Road Back Home

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