10 More Things to Do in Rumoi City

10 More Things to Do in Rumoi City

As written before Rumoi City (留萌市) is a coastal city in the Rumoi Subprefecture on the western side of Hokkaido, Japan. If you missed the first list, you may want to read it by clicking this 👉LINK👈.

For those planning to revisit Rumoi City to check what else it has to offer, here are the 10 More Things to Do in Rumoi City:

Try the kazunoko

1. Try the kazunoko. It is one of Rumoi’s special products. One of the best places to buy this is the Rumoi Roadside Station souvenir shop and the Okatteya Moe.

Senba Park

2. Stroll around Senba Park (船場公園). It’s a vast open park which is a great place to do outdoor activities with friends and families. The park has a dog run and also a mini golf course.

Okatteya Moe

3. Buy souvenirs at Okatteya Moe (おみやげ処 お勝手屋 萌). Don’t forget to take a photo of the Kazumochan mascot inside the vault.

4. Watch the Rumoi Fireworks Festival at Rumoi Port or Senbodai. It is one of the biggest fireworks festivals in the region. It is held every August 11.

Hotel Kamuiwa

5. Take a refreshing dip in the onsen of Hotel Kamuiwa (ホテル神居岩). You may choose to avail of the day trip onsen (480 yen per adult) or stay overnight for a longer bathing experience.

Camping at Rumoi Golden Beach

6. Pitch a tent and stay overnight at the Rumoi’s famed campsites like Rumoi Golden Beach (ゴールデンビーチるもい), Kamuiwa Park (神居岩総合公園), or Cape Ogon Camping Ground (黄金岬キャンプ場). Each one has its beauty worth experiencing.

Former Rumoi Saga Fishing Grounds

7. Learn about the herring fishing history of Rumoi by visiting the Former Rumoi Saga Fishing Grounds (旧留萌佐賀家漁場). It is declared as a National Historic Site as well as a National Important Tangible Folk Cultural Property. However, it’s only open for a very short period in early August

Reuke Farm

8. Visit Reuke Farm (礼受牧場) in June and enjoy not only the view of the Japan Sea but also the nanohana / rapeseed flowers in full bloom. Don’t miss out on the soft cream inside the Reuke Ranch Trim (礼受牧場 トリム)

Kamuiwa Park

9. Head to Kamuiwa Park (神居岩総合公園) in spring and enjoy the hanami/sakura blossom viewing. There is also a Sakura Illumination event held for two nights during this season.

10. Attend and experience the Rumoi Dontou Festival. It is one of the most anticipated festivals in Rumoi Subprefecture, You will see giant floats paraded around town. It is held during the last week of July.

I hope my list of the 10 More Things to Do in Rumoi City gave you an idea and inspiration to visit this scenic coastal city in the western part of Hokkaido.



  1. Wow. 10 more things to do in Rumoi City. I actually didn't know that this place existed had I not read your blog.

    1. Thank you! Please do check out more of my articles. =)


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