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Tinago Falls - Iligan City

Tinago Falls   is known for its 240-foot water drop and its blue lagoon is one of the main tourist attractions of Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines . Tinago Falls Tinago Falls Details Tinago Falls - Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte The word Tinago is a Filipino term that means "to hide or be hidden." this is due to the fact that the falls are quite hidden in a deep ravine. To get there, you are required to trek the 500-step winding staircase. This not-so-attractive signboard would greet you upon arriving at the falls. You have to go down the 500-step stairs to reach the falls 300 more steps to go! As you arrive at the base of the waterfall, a captivating azure lagoon awaits to welcome you. Nestled behind the cascading curtain of water, there lies a quaint and enticing cave beckoning for exploration. The beautiful Tinago Falls .  Amidst our visit to the falls, throngs of tourists reveled in its splendor. Nevertheless, it remained an awe-insp

Camiguin: Katibawasan Falls

Located in Mambajao int he island province of Camiguin, measuring about 250 feet in height, Katibawasan Falls is the highest waterfalls in the province. Katibawasan Falls Found at the foot of Mt. Timpoong, Katibawasan falls is considered as the most popular among the other falls in Camiguin (this might be due to its highly commercialized nature) Look for this sign on the road . The well-painted wall near the entrance Entrance fee Adults P15 /Children P6 Even if the falls is quite tucked in the southern part of Mambajao, you might be shocked that the area around the falls has been improved and is sometimes brimming with tourists. Keep in mind that there is an entrance fee of P15 per person if you want to go nearer the falls. Check out the falls In case you get hungry or you forgot your lunch, there are several stores that sell foods and souvenirs found a few meters away from the entrance. Try out this "crispy corn pancake topped

J & A Fishpen and Taguines Lagoon - Camiguin

J & A Fishpen  is not your ordinary restaurant it is known in Camiguin as the floating restaurant. It is located in Taguines Lagoon in the municipality of Mahinog, in the is land province of Camiguin, Philippines. J & A Fishpen and Taguines Lagoon J & A Fishpen and Taguiness Lagoon details J&A Fishpen (Camiguin's Floating Restaurant) Found in the western banks of Taguines Lagoon , J & A Fishpen was formerly used as a fishpond but was eventually converted into a floating restaurant. What's nice about this resto is the fact that you are sure about the freshness of the fish. You could even catch the fish from the fish pens in the vicinity and have it cooked in any way you want it. Welcome to Taguines Lagoon and J&A Fishpen Team Nicerio visits J & A Fishpen During our stopover in J & A Fishpen , my wife and I admired the beautiful ambiance of the restaurant. I also enjoyed feeding the fish with some of my leftover food. Well, I'm not

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