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Embetsu Shrine - Hokkaido

Embetsu Shrine  ( 遠別神社 ) is the town's main shrine. It celebrates its annual holiday on July 15th. The shrine is located at 5-13 Honmachi in the town of Embetsu in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan .  Embetsu Shrine Embetsu Shrine details ( SUMMER ) Embetsu Shrine  ( 遠別神社 ) Katsutaro Hitodomari of Toyama Prefecture enshrined Jingu Taima in a cave and performed a ritual in the middle of the Meiji period. The spirit of Nara Kasuga Shrine was enshrined in 1925, and the transfer ceremony took place on October 31st. It currently houses the following deities: Takemikatsuchi no Kami , Futsunushi no Kami , A menokoyane no Mikoto , and Himekami . Embetsu Shrine 's main torii Embetsu Shrine 's secondary torii Embetsu Shrine was designated as a local shrine on October 15, 1931, and was then classified as a Shinsen Heihaku Ryokushin Shrine on August 25, 1975. Currently, Embetsu Shrine is listed as a village shrine and serves about 1400 households. Trees line up the approach from the main

Embetsu Roadside Station - Hokkaido

Embetsu Roadside Station  is one of the prefecture's 128 roadside stations. It is located at 46-21 Fujimi in the town of Embetsu in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan . Embetsu Roadside Station  Embetsu Roadside Station details Roadside Station Embetsu Fujimi  ( 道の駅 えんべつ富士見 ) 道の駅 えんべつ富士見 Formally called Roadside Station Embetsu Fujimi ( 道の駅 えんべつ富士見 ), Embetsu Roadside Station is one of the first roadside stations in Hokkaido. It was registered as a roadside station last April 22, 1993, and was given registration number 8. The original roadside station was on top of the hill inside Fujimigaoka Park. It can still be seen to this day.  The old Embetsu Roadside Station The map of Embetsu A new facility was built below and reopened as  Roadside Station   Embetsu Fujimi  on April 24, 2020. The new roadside station facility houses clean toilets, a rest area, a souvenir shop to buy products made in Embetsu, and also a 100 yen shop. Aside from that  Embetsu Roadside Station  also houses a food cou

Gimpo Primeval Flower Garden - Hokkaido

Gimpo Primeval Flower Garden ( 金浦原生花園 ) is a little-known yet must-see tourist destination along the National Highway Route 232 on the outskirts of town. It is located at 253-1 and 255-1 Konoura in the town of Embetsu in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan . Gimpo Primeval Flower Garden Gimpo Primeval Flower Garden details Gimpo Primeval Flower Garden  ( 金浦原生花園 ) The map of  Gimpo Primeval Flower Garden  From mid-June to late June, fully bloomed daylilies turn the coastal area near the National Highway bright yellow, making Gimpo Primeval Flower Garden a must-see during this short period. Aside from the daylilies, the other flowers that bloom in the garden are: Ezonewa – Late June – early July Akanemugra – Early to mid-July Otogirisou – mid-August Kusaredama – mid-August Daylilies in full bloom Daylilies turn the garden yellow To fully appreciate this natural phenomenon, there is an elevated wooden pathway in the garden where you can safely stroll and take photos of the flowers. Aside from th

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