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Atimonan Church Part 2 - Quezon

One blog article is surely not enough to cover the beauty and wonder of Atimonan Church . During the first article, I talked about the history of Atimonan , Quezon's oldest religious structure.  Atimonan Church Atimonan Church Details In this second installment of my blog about Atimonan Church , we'll focus on the numerous statues found inside and outside the old church.  Atimonan Church - Atimonan , Quezon Aside from that, we'll also climb its bell tower and take a 360-degree look at the town of Atimonan .  Can you help me decipher that Latin inscription? The statues that you'd probably see first are the statues of angels on the church facade standing watch over the plaza and Lamon Bay.  The most popular among those statues in the church facade is the one of St. Michael the Archangel stepping on the face of the defeated Lucifer. One of the angels you'd see outside Atimonan Church . My cousin Isay posing with his friend St. Michael Aside from

Atimonan Church - Quezon

Located in Atimonan in the province of Quezon, Atimonan Church   also called Our Lady of Angels Parish Church   was built sometime in the early 16th century .   Atimonan Church Atimonan Church History Due to the fast-spreading Catholic faith in the country during those times, churches were built hurriedly using materials that were abundant in the area. In the case of Atimonan Church , it could be concluded that the first church was built using wood and stone as the primary material. Ironically, the material used would also be the cause of the first destruction of the church. The church was burnt to the ground in 1640 when the Dutch tried to invade the Philippines. Atimonan Church - Atimonan, Quezon The building on the left is actually the residence of the parish priest Atimonan Church was rebuilt in 1643, this time they added more stone than would to fortify the church and prevent the same thing from happening. Still, the church burned down in 1648. The Atimonan

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