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Batangas - Las Pinas - Muntinlupa Visita Iglesia

It's Holy Week once again, it's another opportunity for our family to go on another Visita Iglesia . Just a recap, last year (2018), we did the Cavite Loop Visita Iglesia . Now, for this year 2019, our plan is to go around the province of Batangas and visit as many old churches as we could. Batangas - Las Pinas - Muntinlupa Visita Iglesia Day 1: April 17, 2019   As part of our annual Visita Iglesia / family reunion, we booked in A-zone Beach Resort in Lian, Batangas. During that time, we booked the whole resort for 12,000 pesos. We also paid 25 pesos per head environmental fee. In exchange, we got to enjoy Lian's part of Nasugbu Bay.  Road to Barangay Binubusan, Lian, Batangas A-Zone Resort - Lian, Batangas The pools of A-Zone Resort We spent our 1st full day here. Since we arrived around noontime, we rested a bit and avoided the heat of the noontime sun.  Sunset at Matuod Beach Dinner time at A-Zone Resort Cooking time for uncle and cousin  That afternoon, we took the o

Food trip: Teppanya (Evia)

Here we are once again, it's another food trip adventure. This time we visit Teppanya in Evia Lifestyle Center in Daanghari, Las Pinas City. Teppanya (Evia) Teppanya Details Teppanya brands itself as the "House of Teppanyaki". This restaurant prides itself on its wide variety of authentic modern Japanese cuisine.  Teppanya (Evia) - Las Pinas City Having visited Japan numerous times and falling in love with its culture, particularly its food, made me once in a while crave whenever I see posts about Japanese food in my social media apps. Hence, while waiting for my next trip to Japan, I'm always in constant search for restaurants that serve authentic Japanese cuisines here in the Philippines .   Teppanya : The House of Teppanyaki Welcome to Teppanya (Evia) Team Nicerio tries out Teppanya Inside Teppanya Luckily, there are plenty of restaurants like that in my area. For today, the highlight of my food trip is Teppanya in Evia Lifestyle Center. I got to eat in Teppa

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