Akabira Town Exchange Center "Mirai" - Hokkaido

Akabira Town Exchange Center “Mirai” (赤平市 交流センター みらい) is a community center that doubles as the Akabira JR Station. It is located at 1-1-33 Izumimachi, Akabira City in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.

赤平市 交流センター みらい
Akabira Town Exchange Center “Mirai” 

Akabira Town Exchange Center “Mirai” details

The Akabira Town Exchange Center "Mirai", located in the heart of Akabira City, stands as a prominent landmark that has become synonymous with the city's identity. Originally opened in 1999 (Heisei 11) as part of the revitalization efforts of the Akabira Station building, this modern facility has become a bustling hub for various events, conferences, and cultural activities, serving as a base for community engagement.

赤平市 交流センター みらい
Akabira Town Exchange Center “Mirai” - Akabira City, Hokkaido Prefecture

Featuring spacious halls and training rooms, the Akabira Town Exchange Center "Mirai" offers a versatile venue that caters to the diverse needs of the public. Its multifunctional spaces have been widely utilized for a range of purposes, including exhibitions, meetings, seminars, and workshops. Moreover, it has earned a reputation for fostering cultural enrichment by hosting a myriad of artistic performances, further enhancing its significance as a center for community engagement.

Akabira Town Exchange Center "Mirai" facade

Akabira City as seen from the entrance of Akabira Town Exchange Center "Mirai"

Adjacent to the Akabira Town Exchange Center "Mirai", a vibrant square awaits visitors. This square has been the site of the annual summer Bon dance, a traditional Japanese festival that attracts locals and visitors alike. Additionally, the square hosts industrial festivals, creating a lively atmosphere and attracting crowds throughout the year.

JR Akabira Station

Adding to its convenience, the Akabira Town Exchange Center "Mirai" houses the Akabira JR Station within its premises, making it a vital gateway to the city. The inclusion of an inter-city highway bus stop in the square surrounding the center further enhances its accessibility and connectivity for both local residents and tourists.

These are what you'd see on each floor

The Akabira Town Exchange Center "Mirai"'s layout is spread across multiple floors, each catering to specific needs and functions. The first floor features a welcoming lobby, an information center, an interchange city introduction area, a local product introduction corner, and Training Room 1. On the second floor, visitors can find Training Room 3 and a Japanese-style room, offering a mix of contemporary and traditional settings. The third floor houses Training Room 4, while the fourth floor boasts the Hard Hall and Training Room 5, providing ample space for large-scale events and activities. Finally, on the fifth floor, the center features a dedicated Music Room, catering to musical performances and practices.

Ground Floor of Akabira Town Exchange Center "Mirai"

While the Akabira Town Exchange Center "Mirai" remains a vibrant hub for the community, it stands as a testament to the evolving dynamics of transportation. Akabira JR Station, situated within the center, has a rich history dating back to its opening on November 10, 1913 (Taisho 2). Initially known as Kamiakabira Station, it was later renamed Akabira Station on June 15, 1945. With the establishment of JR Hokkaido in 1987 (Showa 62) on April 1, Akabira Station transitioned into a station under the JR Hokkaido network. To adapt to changing times, the station underwent renovations in 1999.

Interesting displays inside Akabira Town Exchange Center "Mirai"

Regrettably, Akabira Station has experienced a decline in passenger numbers over the years. In 2013, the station catered to approximately 56,000 passengers annually. However, recent figures indicate a significant decrease, with only around 20,000 passengers annually. The decline in usage highlights the challenges faced by regional transportation systems in the face of changing lifestyles and preferences.

The second floor of Akabira Town Exchange Center "Mirai"

Nevertheless, the Akabira Town Exchange Center "Mirai" continues to thrive as a symbol of Akabira City's commitment to community engagement, cultural enrichment, and the provision of versatile spaces for various events. Through its ongoing efforts, the center remains a vital asset in the city's pursuit of fostering local pride, promoting tourism, and facilitating meaningful interactions among its residents and visitors.

Team Nicerio visits Akabira Town Exchange Center "Mirai"

My family and I visited Akabira Town Exchange Center "Mirai" for the first time last September 10, 2022, as part of our September 9-11 Road Trip. It was my 313th day in Japan as an ALT under the JET Programme. Since it was an eye-catching building, we made it a point to check it out during our drive around town thinking that it was probably a museum. Although there were displays on the ground floor, there was nothing much to do in Akabira Town Exchange Center "Mirai". Regardless, seeing what’s inside satisfies our curiosity. I hope, someday, the local government will maximize the use of the beautiful building. They can actually make a part of it into a museum.

Akabira Town Exchange Center "Mirai" Entrance Fee

It’s FREE to enter and explore Akabira Town Exchange Center Mirai. However, if you want to use its facilities, you should reserve at least 3 days ahead. You can contact the Social Education Division Exchange Center Mirai Administration Section at phone:0125-32-1822

Akabira Town Exchange Center "Mirai" Operating Hours

Akabira Town Exchange Center Mirai is open from 9 AM to 10 PM.

Why visit Akabira Town Exchange Center "Mirai"?

Although it is not a very touristy place to go, Akabira Town Exchange Center Mirai remains to be the symbol of Akabira City's dedication to fostering community involvement, cultural enhancement, and the availability of flexible venues for diverse events. By persistently striving towards these goals, the center remains an essential resource in the city's endeavor to cultivate local pride, boost tourism, and encourage meaningful connections among both residents and visitors. Hopefully, someday, the local government would utilize and add more facilities aimed to attract tourists to visit and explore Akabira Town Exchange Center Mirai.

Getting to Akabira Town Exchange Center "Mirai"


You have a few economical choices for getting to Akabira Town Exchange Center "Mirai" from Asahikawa City, but here's the most budget-friendly option:

  • Begin at Asahikawa Station and catch the Hakodate Line Local Takikawa train. Disembark at Takikawa Station.
  • Upon arrival, take a leisurely stroll to the nearby Takikawa Eki Mae bus stop.
  • Next, hop aboard the Takiashi Sen route bus operated by Chuo Bus Company.
  • Alight at Akabira Eki Mae, just a short distance away from Akabira Town Exchange Center "Mirai."

This route not only offers an affordable solution but also ensures a seamless journey from Asahikawa City to the heart of Akabira Town at the Exchange Center "Mirai."

Travel time: 1 hour 46 minutes
Fare: 1740 yen




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