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Food Trip: Pili Nut

This is the first time in my food trip adventures where I would talk about a nut ( well actually it's a fruit). Our spotlight today is focused on our food of the day -the pili nut o simply pili . Pili A pili nut  is known for its soft pulpy core, covered by a thin skin which in turn is protected by a hard shell. The fruit is small which usually measures 4-7cm long. This is how my dad opens a pili nut Aim well. It's either the nut or your fingers... Pili nut all-you-can The pili nut is an important product of the Bicol Region particularly the province of Camarines Sur. It comes from either the Canarium Ovatum or the Canarium Luzonicum species which are both locally called pili trees. Ahhhh success! Once you visit the region, you would find how creative the locals get in marketing the pili nuts . The most common preparation is the roasted nut. It is similar to a roasted peanut. The pili nuts could also be pickled or cooked. The most popular is the sugar-coated

Food Trip: 1st Colonial Grill

As a backpacker, I have a knack for the unique. Every time I travel, I try to stay away from fast food joints that are common in the big city. As much as possible I try out the unique dishes that the province has to offer. Hence, during our visit to Albay, I already had a list of food to try out. 1st Colonial Grill 1st Colonial Grill Details The problem is, Albay has plenty of special dishes to offer. So if you're planning to taste most of them without transferring from one place to another, then I have a great restaurant for you -  1st Colonial Grill . 1st Colonial Grill - Legazpi City and Daraga, Albay "What do we have here?" 1st Colonial Grill is located in Villa Amada Building, Rizal St. Sagpon, in the town of Daraga and on the Ground Floor of Pacific Mall Landco Business Park in Legazpi City. What's special with 1st Colonial Grill is that they improve the common Bicolano dishes and make it world-class. Not only that, but they also gained fame by making

Pasacao Beach - Camarines Sur

Located in the municipality of Pasacao in the province of Camarines Sur, Pasacao Beach is known for its long stretch of brownish sand and its crystal clear waters.  Pasacao Beach Pasacao Beach details Pasacao Beach is rich not only in beauty but also in history. Little do people know that the beach played an important role during the Spanish colonial period. Pasacao Beach - Pasacao, Camarines Sur Pasacao Beach served as a Spanish port and also served both as a defense port against the Moro pirates and also as a trade port for the Galleon Trade.  Perfect day to swim! It didn't end there. Pasacao Beach was a silent witness to the different eras in the history of the country. From the Spanish Galleon Trade to the American occupation, World War 2, until the Post-Colonial era of the Philippines. Today, the port of Pasacao is still very much active. However, the tourism industry is still in its infancy. It's so rarely promoted that even my dad who lives in the region is

List of Festivals in the Philippines: September

Do you want to witness and be part of the exciting and colorful cultural activities in the Philippines in this month of September ?  Please check out the list of popular fiestas or festivals happening this September . Diyandi Festival Location:  Iligan City, Province of Lanao del Norte Details:  The festival is celebrated every 1st of September until the 2nd of October. Its highlight is the ceremonial dance offering of the union of the Maranao men and Higa-on women in marriage as well as the offering of their harvest to their patron saint. This festival is a means to promote cultural identity and to also honor the patron saint of Iligan City. The word diyandi means to celebrate. Dalit Festival Location:  Tangub City, Province of Misamis Occidental Details:  The festival is celebrated every 29th of September. Its highlight is the colorful street dancing parade. This festival serves to honor St. Michael the Archangel the patron saint of Tangub City. The word dalit means to

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