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2019 Bicol Road Trip Summary

Missed some parts of our 2019 Bicol Road Trip ? Here's the summary of our 6-day 2019 Bicol Road Trip . Day 1  -  Off to Naga City Places worth checking out: Nagaland Hotel ________________________________________________ Day 2  -  Cam Sur - Albay Places worth checking out: Naga Metropolitan Cathedral Revisited 2019 Ocampo Deer Farm ________________________________________________ Day 3  -  Tour of Camalig Places worth checking out: Quintuinan Hills Hoyop Hoyopan Cave Solong Eco-Park ________________________________________________ Day 4  -  Exploring Sorsogon Places worth checking out: Barcelona Ruins Park Bulusan Lake Dancalan Beach ___ ____________________________________________ Day 5  -  Legazpi City x Daraga x Camalig  Places worth checking out: Albay Park and Wildlife Cagsawa Ruins Sumlang Lake  ________________________________________________ Day 6  -  Road Back Home

Dancalan Beach - Sorsogon

Located in barangay Dancalan, Bulusan, in the province of Sorsogon, Dancalan Beach is a scenic crescent-shape near-white sand beach situated near the highway.  Dancalan Beach Dancalan Beach Details The town of Bulusan is famously known for the scenic Bulusan Lake and the majestic Bulusan Volcano but during my recent visit, I discovered that there's more to the town than that. Bulusan is actually blessed with a beautiful shoreline -the most famous of which is Dancalan Beach .  Are you ready for your next adventure? Look at that crystalline waters ...and that powdery white sand Gotta love the view! Dancalan Beach is a public beach that is the usual go-to destination for locals during the weekends and during summer. Aside from its easy accessibility, the entrance fee is also very affordable.  Dancalan Beach Entrance Fee: Beachgoers need to only pay P10 for a full day's worth of stay. Visitors may opt to rent an open-air kubo (nipa hut) for just P100

Barcelona Ruins Park - Sorsogon

Located on the coastal area of the town Barcelona in the province of Sorsogon, Barcelona Ruins Park refers to the park where century-old ruins of Spanish colonial-era buildings are found. Barcelona Ruins Park Barcelona Ruins Park History Speaking of the ruins of Spanish Colonial-era buildings, there are two such ruins in Barcelona Ruins Park . The school building ruins at the southeastern tip of the park and the prominent Presidencia building ruins in the northwestern tip of the park.  The ruins of the Presidencia building as seen from across the street A closer look at the Presidencia Building The ruins of the school building at the far end of Barcelona Ruins Park The Presidencia building was once the office of the governadorcillo during the colonial period. If you're wondering why the building seems massive in size, well it's because it doubled as a fortress that guards the town against the pirates and Moro raider that once frequently attacks Spanish-cont

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