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Food Trip: Yakimix (MOA)

Our food trip adventure today takes us to one of the most popular buffet restaurants in the country - Yakimix . Having several branches inside and outside Manila, Yakimix is truly bringing the eat-all-you-can experience closer to your doorstep. Yakimix offers a variety of raw, grilled and cooked Japanese, Korean, and Chinese cuisines. There are also some dishes with a touch of Filipino and Western culture. Not to mention the wide choices of desserts available. We got there early, hence no crowd I have been to Yakimix (MOA) on several occasions already but I only decided to blog about it after the birthday-food trip date with my wife. It was she who motivated me to blog about my dining experience in Yakimix. (She's a food buff and she has lots of things to say about food.) Talk about being the first ones in Initially, since I've dined in Yakimix several times already I've lost that "first timer's" magic. I'm not saying I don't like th

Decawake Clark Cable Park - Pampanga

Located in Angeles City in the province of Pampanga, Decawake Clark Cable Park is the only cable park in Central Luzon. However, it is the second Decawake Cable Park in the Philippines. The first one was built in Davao a few years back. Decawake Clark Cable Park Decawake Clark Cable Park details Decawake Clark Cable Park - Angeles City, Pampanga I have been to Pampanga on several occasions and I know that the province is a must-visit destination for bloggers. The province of Pampanga is known for the Hot Air Balloon Festival and its numerous century-old churches. Aside from that, the province is also popular with those with adventurous stomachs. There are several restaurants with unique dishes made from frogs, crickets, and other things not worth mentioning. (I have lots of readers with weak stomachs but powerful imaginations.) Ready for some action? 3 more years of doing this consistently and I'll one of those champions! Nah! That's not me... Crowd watc

Camiguin Adventure: Catarman

Our adventure today takes us about 649 kilometers southeast of Kilometer 0 in Manila to the town of  Catarman .  It is known as the oldest town in the province of Camiguin . It was founded in 1622 under the patronage of San Roque. The name Catarman means a point or cape .  Catarman Catarman History Historically, the province of Camiguin and Misamis Oriental and was governed from Cebu from the 18th century to the 19th century. When Misamis Oriental gained provincial status, Camiguin became part of its territory and was called  Partido de Catarman.  Catarman - Camiguin Island Welcome to Catarman One of the public rides the town can offer The island of Camiguin was frequently subjected to natural calamities. Volcanic activities were one of the major causes of problems for the townspeople. During the eruption of Mt. Vulcan on October 10, 1870, the town of Catarman lay in ruins. Catarman was transferred to the area of Guiob a year after. Sunken Cemetery - The most p

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