Kazemachi Restaurant Information Center - Hokkaido

Kazemachi Restaurant Information Center / Kazemachi Shokudo Information Center (風待食堂 観光案内所) is a tourist information center and souvenir shop, housed in a historical building. It is located at Bentencho in the town of Mashike in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.

風待食堂 観光案内所
Kazemachi Restaurant Information Center

Kazemachi Restaurant Information Center details

Originally, the building was a grocery store that was established in 1913, and it was later used as a filming location for the 1981 movie "STATION", which starred the famous actor, Ken Takakura. Today, the building serves as a tourist information center that provides information on the town's filming locations, related newspaper articles, and even Showa retro things such as dial-type public telephones, old-fashioned radios, and various goods of "Mercy-kun", a seagull character that's unique to Mashike.

風待食堂 観光案内所
Kazemachi Restaurant Information Center - Mashike town, Hokkaido Prefecture

One of the most popular attractions of the Kazemachi Shokudo Information Center is the unique certificate called Mashike-machi coming town certificate that can be obtained at the shop for just 100 yen. The certificate features a photo of the train arriving at Mashike station, making it a must-have for train lovers.

Inside Kazemachi Restaurant Information Center

You can buy souvenirs here too. 

The Mashike Station stamp and the town stamp can be found here.

Photos from the 1981 film Station are displayed in one corner. Scenes from the film are also played in a loop

If you're planning to visit the Kazemachi Shokudo Information Centre, it's recommended to watch the 1981 movie "STATION" before your trip. This will double the fun of exploring the filming locations and the historical sites around the center.

Team Nicerio visits Kazemachi Restaurant Information Center

My family and I visited the Kazemachi Restaurant Information Center during our Mashike Road Trip last September 3, 2022. It was my 306th day here in Japan as an ALT under the JET Programme. It was our stop during the road trip. My daughter and I got several stamps here for our collection. I was also able to buy some Mercy-chan souvenirs here.

Kazemachi Restaurant Information Center Fees

It’s FREE to enter Kazemachi Restaurant Information Center. However, I highly suggest that you bring money if you want to buy souvenirs from Mashike.

Kazemachi Restaurant Information Center Operating Hours

Kazemachi Restaurant Information Center is open from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM. However, it is closed during the winter season (late October to late April).

Why visit Kazemachi Restaurant Information Center?

If you want to experience the charm and nostalgia of Hokkaido's Showa era, then the Kazemachi Shokudo Information Centre should be a must-visit destination on your travel itinerary.

Getting to Kazemachi Restaurant Information Center

Commuting to Mashike became less convenient after the closure of the JR Mashike Line. Regardless, tourists can still ride the bus to Mashike from Rumoi City. 

Here are the timetable, fare, and bus stops of the Engan Bus that ply the Mashike route and back.




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  1. I'm a fan of Ken Takakura. This will surely be in my list of places to visit.


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