Naie Roadside Station - Hokkaido

Naie Roadside Station formally called Roadside Station Hausjärvi Naie (道の駅 ハウスヤルビ奈井江) is one of the 128 roadside stations spread around Hokkaido Prefecture. It is located along Route 12 in 28-1 Naie, in the town of Naie in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.

道の駅 ハウスヤルビ奈井江
Naie Roadside Station

Naie Roadside Station details

Located along National Route 12, you'll find the charming roadside station known as "Haus Jarubi Naie." Situated almost halfway along the 29.2km long straight road, this log house-style building exudes a tranquil atmosphere that welcomes weary travelers and locals alike. With its cozy cafe called "Mimizuku," a study room, and a range of local specialties, Naie Roadside Station offers a delightful respite for visitors.

道の駅 ハウスヤルビ奈井江
Naie Roadside Station / Roadside Station Hausjärvi Naie - Naie town, Hokkaido Prefecture

Upon stepping inside, you'll be greeted by the inviting ambiance of Cafe Mimizuku. This delightful establishment takes pride in its handmade ice cream, offering delectable flavors such as vanilla, corn, and pumpkin. If you have a penchant for unique, artisanal creations, you'll also find pottery and hand-dyed scarves available for purchase, adding to the charm of this cozy space. The scent of the wooden log house creates a soothing backdrop as you savor your sweet treat or browse through the local crafts. If you collect roadside station stamps for the Hokkaido Stamp Rally, you will find the stamps inside the roadside station.

Naie Roadside Station facade

An art installation displayed outside Naie Roadside Station

Roadside Station Hausjärvi Naie (道の駅 ハウスヤルビ奈井江)

For those seeking outdoor leisure, the event terrace awaits you. This open-air space features wooden playground equipment and provides a comfortable spot to enjoy sunny days. Whether you're looking to relax, attend an event, or simply take a break from your journey, the event terrace offers a pleasant respite. During the summer months, soft-serve ice cream is sold here, providing a refreshing treat to beat the heat.

Inside Naie Roadside Station

Yasudokoro Naie

Inside Yasudokoro Naie

Venturing up to the second floor, you'll discover a captivating rest area adorned with a partially restored Taisho-era house called 
Yasudokoro Naie, which was built around the end of the Taisho era. This nostalgic display takes you back in time, evoking the charm and essence of traditional Japanese homes from the past. It's a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in history while enjoying the cozy surroundings of Naie Roadside Station.

The vast park behind the roadside station

As you explore the station further, you'll find a vast open area at the back. This expansive space is perfect for picnics or outdoor games, inviting you to bask in the beauty of the natural surroundings. Pet owners will also be pleased to discover a dedicated dog run, providing a safe and enjoyable space for furry friends to frolic and stretch their legs.

Ramen Gantetsu

If you're in the mood for a satisfying meal, make sure to visit Ramen Gantetsu (がんてつ), a delightful ramen restaurant attached to the roadside station. Among their offerings, the miso ramen comes highly recommended, tantalizing taste buds with its rich and flavorful broth. Whether you're a ramen aficionado or simply looking to indulge in a hearty meal, Ramen Gantetsu is sure to leave you satiated.

Naie Roadside Station Stamp

Naie Roadside Station Stamp

Hokkaido Stamp Rally

Team Nicerio visits Naie Roadside Station

My family and I visited 
Naie Roadside Station for the first time last September 11, 2022, as part of our September 9-11 Road Trip. It was my 314th day in Japan as an ALT under the JET Programme. We visited Naie Roadside Station as my daughter and I collected roadside station stamps. What I like about the roadside station was the reconstruction of a Showa-era house on the 2nd floor of the roadside station. It adds to the uniqueness of the roadside station.

Naie Roadside Station Entrance Fee

It’s FREE to enter and explore the Naie Roadside Station. However, you might want to bring cash in case you want to buy souvenirs or local products.

Naie Roadside Station Operating Hours

Naie Roadside Station is open from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Why visit Naie Roadside Station?

Naie Roadside Station, with its log house charm and array of offerings, is a hidden gem along National Route 12. It not only provides a much-needed break from the road but also allows visitors to immerse themselves in the local culture and indulge in delicious treats. Whether you're passing through or hunting for roadside station stamps, Haus Jarubi Naie is a must-visit destination that promises a memorable experience for all who venture through its welcoming doors.

Getting to Naie Roadside Station


The best way to reach Naie Roadside Station is by private vehicle. If you're planning to use the public transportation from Sapporo City, then this is the fastest way:

From Sapporo Station, board the Kamui 7 Limited Express Asahikawa of the Lilac-Kamui Line. Board down at Bibai Station.

Transfer to the Local Takikawa of the Hakodate Line and board down at Naie Station. From there, you need to walk for about 1.3 kilometers to reach Naie Station.

Travel time: 1 hour and 33 minutes
Fare: 3,170 yen




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