Mashike Fireworks Festival 2022: Cultural Adventure

Summer is a very festive season here in Japan. Most, if not all, towns and cities have their own Hanabi or fireworks festival.

Mashike Town Tourist Port Fireworks Festival 2022

Last July 30, 2022, my family and I attended our first fireworks festival here in Hokkaido. Together with our very close friend Teacher Kanda the Rumoi elementary school ALT, we drove to the port of the town of Mashike to watch the Mashike Town Noryo Fireworks Festival or Mashike Town Tourist Port Fireworks Festival.

Mashike Town Tourist Port Fireworks Festival Details

Originally, food and drinks were allowed during the Mashike Town Tourist Port Fireworks Festival. There were even years when there were beer parties. However, due to the current COVID pandemic prevention guidelines, eating, and drinking was prohibited and of course, social distancing was required.

Mashike Town Noryo Fireworks Festival - Mashike Town, Hokkaido Prefecture

There were hundreds of people that came to see the Mashike Fireworks Festival

Despite this, the Mashike Port was flooded by visitors from Mashike and the neighboring towns. Based on my estimates there were more than 500 people who came to the port and enjoyed the fireworks show that night.

Mashike Fireworks Festival 2022

Speaking of fireworks. There were an estimated 2000 plus fireworks used during the Mashike Town Tourist Port Fireworks Festival. My favorite part of the event was the grand finale where the fireworks show was hyped by the song that was integrated into it.

Thank you, Teacher Kanda, for driving us to Mashike!

Overall, the event lasted for about 45 minutes. It was very memorable for me and my family as it was our first fireworks festival. More than that, we enjoyed it more with Teacher Kanda around.

Why experience the Mashike Town Tourist Port Fireworks Festival?

The highlight of the summer season for each town or city in Japan is usually its fireworks festival. If you are in Mashike or near it during the last week of June, then include in your itinerary to visit Mashike Port to view the Mashike Town Tourist Port Fireworks Festival. It will surely be the highlight of your day.

Getting to Mashike Port


From Rumoi City, board the Rumoi Beskari (Mashike) Line. Board down the Mashike Old Station bus stop. From there, you can walk to the port area.

Bus fare - 430 yen

Travel time - 40 to 50 minutes




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  1. How I wish i get to see fireworks display in Japan too.


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