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Japan Diaries 4: Day 314

  Day 314:  September 11, 2022 Sunday -  9.9-11 Family Road Trip D3 It's another lovely Sunday morning. Today marks the end of our  September 9-11 Family Road Trip . We planned to visit some of the cities and towns in Sorachi Subprefecture on this trip. Elm Highland Resort Kazokuryokomura Camping Ground Sculpture Park Sakiyama 7-Eleven: Akabira Bunkyocho We bought our favorite 711 coffee and some food for breakfast My daughter walked around and photographed the sculptures at the Sculpture Park Sakiyama before we left Elm Highland Resort Kazokuryokomura Camping Ground in Akabira City ( 赤平市 ). We drove through Shin-Utashinai Tunnel on Route 114. Utashinai Pioneering Monument Myooji Utashinai City as seen from Myooji Things we saw on Myooji grounds Shinoji   Utashinai manhole cover From there, we drove to Utashinai City ( 歌志内市 ). Although it was not part of our original itinerary, we visited Myooji because it caught our eye while driving going to Utashinai Shrine . Aside from tha

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