Japan Diaries 4: Week 7

Week 7: December 13 - 17, 2021 

A Week Before Christmas

Hey guys! It's my 7th week here in Hokkaido as an ALT for the JET Programme. One more week before Christmas. Sadly, the atmosphere is very different here. There is no such thing as a Christmas Spirit. In a way it made me miss Christmas in the Philippines. For sure, the malls there are all playing Jose Mari Chan songs and are busy raking in cash with their Christmas Sales. 

The quietness and coldness of Hokkaido have their pros and cons but for this season loneliness really does creep in. Regardless, I kept myself busy to defeat the feeling. So here's what kept me busy this week:

Day 42: December 13, 2021

Monday - Rumoi 

Snow falls (again) in Rumoi City. I wonder if this is the real deal.

Rumoi High School 12/13/2021

I love how my Monday workloads are usually light. For me, it's the perfect way to start the week. However, the thing is, it has already begun snowing hard in just a night, and the city is covered with snow (again). I hope it melts like last time. I'm not ready for snow yet.  

Here's my workload for the day:

2nd period - Living with Robots @2-1 of Motoyama-sensei
4th period - Jiko shokai @ 3-1 of Komai-sensei

We didn't have English Club today so that pretty much wraps up my Monday schedule. 

My version of the giniling

When I got back home, I cooked a Filipino dish called giniling as I kinda missed home. 

Day 43: December 14, 2021

Tuesday - Rumoi

Walking along Chidoricho going to work

Here's my workload for the day:

2nd period - Living with Robots @ 2-2 of Shiko-sensei
3rd period - Christmas in the Philippines @1-5 of Sato-sensei
6th period - Mine Kaffon @3-2 of Kutsumi-sensei

Dinner at Sukiya Rumoi to meet the newest Rumoi ALT

Here's what we ordered for tonight.

The new Rumoi ALTs. We are finally complete.

That evening, I met up with the new Rumoi elementary school ALT Joshua, and the JHS ALT Kiaya. We ate dinner at Sukiya - Rumoi to formally welcome Joshua.

Day 44: December 15, 2021

Wednesday - Embetsu

It's my schedule to visit Embetsu Agricultural High School once again. This is my 2nd time visiting this beautiful school. 

Embetsu Agricultural High School 12/15/2021

Just to share, I'm actually looking forward to visiting this school because the teachers here are really friendly. I particularly enjoy talking with Kitsui-sensei and Suda-sensei. For today's trip, I used my first 1-day Moekko Free Ticket.

Here's my workload for today:

5th period - Jiko Shokai @ 3rd year of Sasaki-sensei

Embetsu bus stop

Riding the Engan bus back to Rumoi City

Since my workload was light today, I took the opportunity to study Japanese and also talk to the teachers and students in their free time before going back home.

Day 45: December 16, 2021

Thursday - Haboro

It's my schedule to visit Haboro High School once again. The last time I visited was during my 3rd week here in Hokkaido. 

Haboro High School 12/16/2021

Preparing for Okumura Sensei's class

What I currently enjoy in this school is the youthful enthusiasm of its all-men English department. I feel that in a way, they always have something new to offer. For today's trip, I used my 2nd 1-day Moekko Free Ticket

Here's my workload for today:

2nd period - Comparative words @ 1st year of Okumura-sensei
5th period - Interview lesson @3rd year of Watanabe-sensei

Day 46: December 17, 2021

Friday - Tomamae

It's my second time visiting Tomamae Commercial High School. However, unlike last week, Hasegawa Sensei didn't pick me up. Instead, I took the 6:44AM Engan Bus to the Uehira bus stop. 

Check out how much snow covered the Motokawacho bus stop

Uehira bus stop

Here's the transfer bus to the Tomamae Shougyou KouKou Mae bus stop

Tomamae Commercial High School 12/17/2021

With my Tomamae JTE Hasegawa Sensei

From there, I waited for the 7:58AM bus to Tomamae Shougyou KouKou Mae. The fare was 1010 yen + 160 yen for the transfer. However, for today's trip, I used my 3rd 1-day Moekko Free Ticket

Here's my workload for today:

2nd period - Jiko Shokai @1st year of Hasegawa-sensei
3rd period - Jiko Shokai @2nd year of Hasegawa-sensei
4th period - Jiko Shokai @3rd year of Hasegawa-sensei

I got a bit nervous as the other ALTs were there observing my Jiko Shokai. Also, I had to modify my Jiko Shokai as suggested by Hasegawa-sensei.

Tomamae Shougyou KouKou Mae

The other ALTs left during lunchtime to go to their other visit school. I stayed to socialize and get to know some students and teachers. I got to chat with Mitsuki Sensei as she was in charge of the school newspaper and wanted to feature me in it. I rode the 1547 bus to Uehira to catch the 1607 bus to Rumoi. 

Dinner with the other ALTs at Joshua's place

Meal for the day - deep-fried mushrooms and shrimp

I got an invite from my Rumoi ALT friends to have dinner at Joshua's place. The food was great and the peals of laughter were genuine. It was a perfect workweek ender. 

See you in my next article!

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