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Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 35

Weekend 35: July 2-3, 2022 Day 243: July 2, 2022 Saturday - Kyodo Gakusha Volunteer Work Day 1 It's my 35th weekend here in Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) under the JET Programme. For this weekend I will be a full-time cultural ambassador as I'm invited by Adachi-san and Yoshida-san who are my friends from the Rumoi English Chat Club. They asked me if I wanted to volunteer at the Kyodo Gakusha in Neiraku in the town of Obira. When I heard that I'd be doing some meat packing and farming of course I had to say yes.  These are probably the cheapest watermelons that I have seen here in Japan Kitkat Chocolate Orange My wife and I made buko pandan Since Adachi-san will pick me up at 1PM, I got the chance to help my wife make her sought-after buko pandan dessert. I also accompanied her to the bank and to COOP to buy groceries. Today, I got to buy a new KitKat flavor which is the KitKat Chocolate Orange . So far, it's the 14th flavor that I have bought and t

Japan Diaries 4: Week 35

Week 35: June 27 - July 1, 2022 Day 238: June 27, 2022 Monday - Rumoi Rumoi High School 6/27/2022 It's a rainy morning here in Rumoi City and according to the weather forecast, it would continue until night. Hence, I won't be biking to Rumoi High School today. Here's my workload for today: Listening Activity @ 3-46 of Matsuda-sensei 1st period - High Line Listening Activity @ 3-35 of Matsuda-sensei 3rd period - Listening Activity @ 3-46 of Matsuda-sensei 4th period - Curry Travels @ 1-45 of Kowaka-sensei 5th period - Curry Travels @ 1-36 of Kowaka-sensei 6th period - Tokyo's 7-minute Miracle @ 2-345 of Kowaka-sensei After the 6th period, I walked to Midorigaoka Elementary School for the parent-teacher chat. My wife and I listened to the feedback of Ella's adviser. Overall, Ella seems to be on the right track with making friends and her studies which made me and my wife very happy. After the chat, I went back to Rumoi High School and trained Mugi for her Eiken ex

Biei Roadside Station - Hokkaido

Biei Roadside Station ( 道の駅 びえい ) is one of 128 roadside stations all over Hokkaido and is located at 1-9-21 Honmachi in the town of Biei in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan . Biei Roadside Station Biei Roadside Station details Formally called Biei Roadside Station Oka no Kura ( 道の駅 びえい・丘のくら ) or Warehouse on the Hill, Biei Roadside Station is actually a renovated warehouse built during the early Taisho era (1912-1926).  Biei Roadside Station Oka no Kura  ( 道の駅 びえい・丘のくら ) - Biei, Hokkaido Prefecture It was registered as a Michi no eki or roadside station last March 1, 2007, and was given the registration number 97. As mentioned, the Biei Roadside Station is an old structure that was renovated and repurposed to become a roadside station. That's why its facade still looks maintains its architectural design but inside it looks a bit modern.  Inside Biei Roadside Station Some products to buy in Biei Roadside Station: Sake and wine made from the region Biei Pork At present, Biei Roadside

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