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Keifuku Randen Tram - Kyoto

Located in Kyoto City in Kyoto Prefecture, Keifuku Randen Tram is a historic tram line that is considered the last tram line in the prefecture. Keifuku Randen Tram Keifuku Randen Tram History Originally owned and operated by Arashiyama Electric Tram Railway , the single track 7.2-kilometer Randen Tram line opened in 1910. This tram line connected Kyoto City center (Shijo-Omiya Station) to the Arashiyama area. The tram line was then acquired by the Kyoto Electric Light Company in 1918. the company then improved the line by double-tracking its track from 1925 until 1928 completing what is currently known as the Arashiyama Line.  Here comes our Randen! Are you ready to board the Randen? Heading to Arashiyama Station ! Passed by a parked Randen tram Right on track! Arashiyama Station of the Keifuku Randen Tram line Here are places to visit near the tram stations. Keep this in mind! In 1925, Kyoto Electric Light Company opened the Kitano Line. The

Kyoto Umekoji Monuments Street - Kyoto

Located around Umekoji Park and Kyoto Station , Kyoto-Umekoji Monument Street is a project that promotes walking around the park and the Kyoto Station areas. Kyoto-Umekoji Monument Street Kyoto Umekoji Monuments Street Details The Kyoto Umekoji Monuments Street is a part of the Kyoto Umekoji Minnaga Tsunagaru Project which started in February 2015 under the initiative of the Council for  Area Development and Management of Kyoto-Umekoji. Its main purpose is to create a vibrant atmosphere and improve the convenience of strolling around the Kyoto Umekoji Area.  As its name implies, Kyoto-Umekoji Monument Street is a series of mini-monuments scattered  around the walking route from Kyoto Station then through and around Umekoji Park , and then back to Kyoto Station again. Here are the monuments that we saw on our 2018 visit : Eco-chan - The city's environmental mascot South American Fur Seal W7 Series Shinkansen Chin-chin-densha (retro streetcar of Kyo

Umekoji Park - Kyoto

Located in Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, in Kyoto Prefecture, Umekoji Park is a large park in the heart of Japan's historic city.  Umekoji Park Umekoji Park History Opened in 1995, Umekoji Park provides locals and tourists with a place to relax and explore for free. Well, unless they would buy from the nearby stores and Vendo machines or go inside the museum or aquarium inside the park.  Things to see in Umekoji Park One of the trolleys on display in the park Kyoto Aquarium Checking out some souvenirs at Kyoto Aquarium The path going to Inochi-no-Mori (Living Forest) You read that right, there is a museum and an aquarium in Umekoji Park...These are the Kyoto Railway Museum , located at the southwestern end of the park, and the Kyoto Aquarium on the northeastern end of the park. I would love to tell you more about these places but I'd probably reserve it in a different article.  Ella with one of the "monuments" in Umekoji Park Umekoji

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