Ocampo Deer Farm - Camarines Sur

Located at Barangay Sta. Cruz, Ocampo in the province of Camarines Sur, Ocampo Deer Farm is a project of the Provincial Government of Camarines Sur to boost tourism to the province. 

Ocampo Deer Farm

Ocampo Deer Farm History

Ocampo Deer Farm opened in 1996 with 208 deer belonging to different species from Australia. These species are the Blackbuck Antelope, Chital Deer, Elk, Fallow Deer, Red Deer, and the most common Rusa Deer. They were allowed to roam freely on the 28-hectare farm found in the vicinity of Mt. Isarog and are already used to human presence already. 

From Naga, Ocampo is about an hour drive away

Expect smaller sometimes uncemented roads going to the deer farm

Welcome to Ocampo Deer Farm

Here's the gate of the deer farm

Deer 1: Uhhhh here comes the hoomans!

Deer 2: Stop fighting guys! They won't feed us.

Wanna see some swag... err stag?

Don't be shy my deer

My family and I got to visit Ocampo Deer Farm on the second day of our 2019 Bicol Road Trip. A friend suggested this place to me and after some research online, I made sure to include it in our itinerary regardless of it being out of the way as it reminded me of the memorable experience my family and I had in Nara Park in Nara, Japan a few years back.
Nara, Japan feels...

What's memorable about this trip was our drive going there. From Naga City, it took us about an hour and 15 minutes drive to reach Ocampo Deer Farm. From Gov. Jose T. Fuentabella National Highway, the road going to the deer farm gets smaller and smaller until it becomes a one-way road. Lucky for us, there were no cars or tricycles heading out from the farm during our trip going there. Upon reaching the parking area of the deer farm, you'd be disappointed that the first "herd" to approach you are kids begging for money or selling products. These kids are quite consistent to the point of irritating as they continue to swarm you despite politely being begged off. The only time they dispersed was when we went in the gates of the deer farm. 

Team Nicerio in Ocampo Deer Farm:

Entrance to the Ocampo Deer Farm is free but you have to register near the gate. You don't need to go far to see the deer as they are domesticated and won't run away from you. You can actually get near them and pet them. If you're lucky enough, you'd get to see them swarm the caretaker during feeding time. Take extreme caution when approaching them during this time as the horns of the bucks are sharp and may poke your eye out. 

Feeding time!

I got the chance to ask one of the caretakers about the Ocampo Deer Farm and was shocked to learn that the original goal of the provincial government was to make the province the major, if not the only, supplier of deer meat or venison in the country. Although the goal has not yet been fully implemented, many sincerely wish that the farm would be developed into a deer-themed eco-tourism destination instead. 

The Backpack Adventures in Ocampo Deer Farm

Ocampo Deer Farm Entrance Fee:

As of 2020, the Ocampo Deer Farm entrance fee is FREE. You can give donations though. This will help with the maintenance of the place. 

Ocampo Deer Farm Opening Hours:

Ocampo Deer Farm is open from 8AM to 5PM every day.

Why visit Ocampo Deer Farm?

Ocampo Deer Farm is a nice side trip destination if you're going to Caramoan or staying in Naga City. Although nothing can be done here yet but take photos of the deer, it's still an experience your kids would remember until they grow up. 

Getting to Ocampo Deer Farm:

From Manila, ride a Penafrancia or Raymond bus to Naga City. From there, head to Naga City bus terminal and ride a minibus bound for any of the following; Goa, Sagnay, San Jose, or Tigaon. Tell the conductor to drop you off at the intersection of Ocampo in Barangay Sta. Cruz. From there, ride a habalhabal going to the deer farm. Make sure that the driver would wait for you as it's hard to get transportation that will bring you back to the town proper.  

Overall rating


  1. What a fun experience to visit a deer farm, especially during the Christmas season. I bet that it was a lot of fun.

  2. What a fun experience! My kids would love this

    1. For sure your kids would love Ocampo Deer Farm Renee. I hope you guys could visit.

  3. They look different than North American deer!

    1. Really?
      I think I should see a live North American deer first to compare hehehehe.

  4. This would be so much fun to visit! We have something similar up north from where I live that we will be visiting at the end of the month.

    1. Oh, where is that? I hope you could send me a link so that I could visit it for myself.

  5. It is so cool that the deer are so friendly and you can pet them. So cute! I hope they will transform this place into a tourist attraction and not a venison farm..

    1. I think they are already transforming this into a tourist destination but I feel that it still lacks promotion.

  6. I can't believe they let people get so close!

    1. =) They do. It's a bit dangerous though as some of the antlers are quite sharp but you have to be really careful.

  7. I would love to visit this deer farm. I want to take a close up portarit of those deer. Thank you for the share.

    1. You're welcome please do visit Ocampo Deer Farm in the future.

  8. this must be a dream for every traveler with camera...

  9. Well, looks like this was a lot of fun. You usually don't get to see these creatures so up close and personal!

    1. Ocampo Deer Farm is the perfect place in the Philippines to get up close and personal with these deer.

  10. Deer are such majestic animals! Love the selfie by the way!

  11. Parang Nara Park ah.

    1. Hahahaha oo nga Todaiji nalang at shikasenbei ang kulang.


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