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Elm Highland Onsen also called Elm Kogen Onsen Relax (エルム高原温泉 ゆったり) is the day spa of the Elm Highland Resort. It is located at 377-1 Horookacho, Akabira City in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.

エルム高原温泉 ゆったり
Elm Highland Onsen

Elm Highland Onsen details

Hokkaido Prefecture is known for its numerous hot springs, and one of the must-visit places is the Elm Highland Onsen. This beautiful hot spring facility is located in the heart of Elm Highland Resort, surrounded by the lush greenery of the forest. The Elm Highland Onsen is a day-trip hot spring facility that offers a relaxing retreat for visitors.

エルム高原温泉 ゆったり
Elm Highland Onsen / Elm Kogen Onsen Relax - Akabira City, Hokkaido Prefecture

One of the main attractions of the Elm Highland Onsen is the large public bath, which is gentle on the body and mind. The bath has an open-air section, which is the perfect place to relax and gaze at nature while soaking in the hot water. The sauna is another facility that is perfect for unwinding and relaxing. Visitors can feel the peace of nature to their heart's content and let their worries fade away.

Elm Highland Onsen / Elm Kogen Onsen Relax at night

Inside Elm Highland Onsen

Sorry guys, tattoos are not allowed

The designated smoking area

The Elm Highland Onsen also offers a variety of medicated and fragrant baths that visitors can enjoy. There are Zuikeisen (瑞恵泉), which is known for its purifying effects, Kenbisen (健美泉), which promotes healthy and beautiful skin, Yakuhoto (薬宝湯), which is good for overall health and relaxation, and Yakukento (薬健湯な), which is known to help with muscle fatigue and soreness. Guests can indulge in these baths while enjoying the tranquility of the natural forest.

Elm Highland Onsen bathing entrance

Elm Highland Onsen - indoor onsen

Elm Highland Onsen - outdoor onsen

Elm Highland Onsen - indoor onsen

The outdoor hot springs at the Elm Highland Onsen are a treat for the eyes. Surrounded by nature, the open-air baths offer a serene experience. Visitors can soak in the hot water while enjoying the beautiful views of the forest. Additionally, there are large public baths, whirlpool baths, saunas, high-temperature baths, and waterfall baths, providing a variety of relaxing options.
Massage chair area

Elm Higland Onsen souvenir shop

Rest area

Apart from the hot springs, there are several other facilities at the Elm Highland Onsen. There is a restaurant that serves delicious Japanese cuisine, shops that sell souvenirs, lounges that offer a comfortable atmosphere for relaxation, and game corners that provide entertainment for visitors. The training room on the 2nd floor can be used for banquets, meetings, training, etc. for 10 to 50 people.

It's best to take a dip before calling it a day

The spring quality at the Elm Highland Onsen is a slightly alkaline hypotonic cold mineral spring, which offers several health benefits. The mineral-rich water is known to help with fatigue, muscle pain, and various skin conditions. The cold mineral spring also promotes blood circulation, improves metabolism, and enhances the natural healing capabilities of the body.

Team Nicerio visits Elm Highland Onsen

My family and I visited Elm Highland Onsen for the first time last September 10, 2022, as part of our September 9-11 Road Trip. It was my 313th day in Japan as an ALT under the JET Programme. Whenever we plan camping, we always take into consideration the onsen where we would freshen up. We enjoyed Elm Highland Onsen as it offers medicated baths as well as scented ones. Aside from the onsen bath, what I like about Elm Highland Onsen is the beautiful view of the Elm Highland Resort from its vicinity. Viewing the beautiful scenery add relaxation for me.

Elm Highland Onsen Fees

To use the Elm Highland Onsen, visitors need to pay these fees:

Adults (junior high school students and older): 500 yen
Children (elementary school students): 300 yen

Elm Highland Onsen Operating Hours

Elm Highland Onsen is open all year round.
It opens from 10 AM to 8 PM (Last entry 7:30 PM)

Why visit Elm Highland Onsen?

Overall, if you are in Akabira City, don’t miss out on the opportunity to try the Elm Highland Onsen. It is a perfect break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Surrounded by pristine nature, visitors can relax and rejuvenate in the hot springs while enjoying the tranquility of the forest. The facilities and services offered at Elm Highland Onsen ensure that visitors have a memorable and relaxing experience.

Getting to Elm Highland Onsen


The best way to reach Elm Highland Onsen is by private vehicle but if you plan to use public transportation, this is probably the cheapest option:

From Takikawa City's Takikawa Station, make your way to the Takikawa Eki Mae bus stop. Catch the Takiashi Sen bus operated by Hokkaido Chuo Bus. Disembark at the Elm Kogen Onsen Irikuchi bus stop and follow the 2-kilometer road going to Elm Highland Onsen.

Travel time: 21 minutes + 35 minutes walk to Elm Highland Resort
Fare: 450 yen




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