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Top 10 Things to Do in Camiguin

The province of Camiguin might be the second smallest province in the country but its outstanding beauty makes it one of the must-visit provinces in the Philippines. Top 10 Things to Do in Camiguin For those who are planning to visit the province, here are my Top 10 Things to Do in Camiguin : 1. Say "hello" to Camiguin's ostriches in Mahinog  Ostrich Breeding Farm . 2. Try out Camiguin's  kiping . 3. Learn about the Giant Clams in the Giant Clam Nursery in  Kabila White Beach . 4. Take a dip in Camiguin's many springs. 5. Visit and swim at  Katiwasan Falls . 6. Buy and eat Camiguin's famous lanzones. 7. Try eating fresh sea urchins. 8. Hike one of Camiguin's volcanoes. 9. Snorkel or dive around the  Sunken Cemetery . 10. Go island hopping and take time to snorkel around  White Island . How about you? What are your Top 10 Things to Do in Camiguin ?

7-Day Honeymoon Backpacking in Mindanao

7-Day Honeymoon Backpacking in Mindanao Intro Marriage in itself is a lifetime adventure for any couple. Honeymoons, on the other hand, are another kind of adventure. While most newlyweds prefer to stay in expensive resorts or hotels during their honeymoon. My wife and I had better plans. We packed our backpacks and hit the road. With only P11,000 in our pockets (minus airfare and sea fare which we paid in advance) we flew to Mindanao and did what only a few (if there really is one) newlyweds dreamt to do a 7 -Day Honeymoon Backpacking in Mindanao . These are the places we'll cover for this 7-day trip DAY 1 Our adventure began a week after our wedding. (This gave us a chance to rest and let the spirit of marriage sink in.) We flew from Manila to Cagayan de Oro City very early in the morning to catch the first bus to the province of Bukidnon .  First stop Camp Phillips, Bukidnon   Next stop - Dahilayan Adventure Park It took us only a few hours to reach the town of Man

Best Tour Guide in Camiguin

Camiguin is the second smallest province in the Philippines next to Batanes. The best part about visiting Camiguin is that it could actually be toured in one whole day. However, most of its tourist destinations are tucked in its interior. Unless you're using GPS it would fairly be a challenge visiting those sites. So if you're planning to visit Camiguin and you want to have a hassle-free tour then I suggest you acquire the services of Kuya Chris "Criz" Jabay .  The infamous multicab Kuya Criz operates a multicab that brings tourists to most if not all of Camiguin's beautiful tourist spots. Kuya Criz is a soft-spoken man but he is filled with sincere friendliness that would make you feel safe. He is also open to suggestions or consultations regarding your itinerary. What I liked most when we hired his services was the VIP treatment that we felt when he boarded the fast craft that we're riding holding a placard with our name written on it.   You

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