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Akabira Base (情報発信基地AKABIRAベース) is a unique-looking establishment that serves as a souvenir shop and information center for the city. It is located at 54 Horookacho, Akabira City in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.

Akabira Base 

Akabira Base details

One place you definitely cannot miss when visiting Akabira City for the first time is the Akabira Base, the perfect information center that combines easy access to the city's tourist spots and central shopping districts. Completed in June 2015, this information center is located at the entrance of Elm Highlands along Route 38 and encompasses an area of 1423.33 square feet with adjoining Lawson stores.

Akabira Base - Akabira City, Hokkaido Prefecture

Managed by the Akabira Specialty Products Promotion Council, the Akabira Base helps visitors explore the wonders of the city. The center serves as an ideal base for encouraging tourists to visit sightseeing spots and shopping districts. The location galleries and specialty products of the much-talked-about drama "Inconvenient Handyman," which was filmed in Akabira City, are also featured in the center. Alongside, the shopping district is being promoted, and preparations are underway for that purpose as well.

Akabira Base take-out menu

Hot Leg

The information dissemination symbol of Akabira City is in the style of a product center where people can browse through the goodies this place has to offer. You can't miss the Hot Leg at this spot, considered to be the soul food of Akabira locals, it's a must-try before you leave the city.

Inside Akabira Base

Where did you come from?

How Do You Like Wednesdays? (水曜どうでしょう)


The Akabira City colored manhole cover is displayed inside Akabira Base

You can also get the Akabira City colored manhole card here

In the gallery section of 
Akabira Base, you can view the location map of the drama "Inconvenient Handyman" which just finished broadcasting on June 27. This drama is famous among tourist circles, and visitors flock to Akabira to have their own "Inconvenient Handyman" experience. Alongside, the center also presents unique delicacies such as sweets, bread, jagaru, soft-serve ice cream, croquette, and soba, to name a few.

Other products sold in Akabira Base

Cherry vinegar

Fresh vegetables harvested in the city

Akabira Base is located at the entrance to the Elm Highlands and the heart of the city, making it the best base for tourists to explore the city like locals. The location gallery is a hit among tourists, and the curated selection of Akabira's specialty products is a must-try in your Hokkaido checklist. Make sure to visit Akabira Base while you're here – it's a one-stop shop for all things Akabira!

Team Nicerio visits the Akabira Base

Of course, we bought the famed Hot Legs for our dinner later

My family and I visited Akabira Base for the first time last September 10, 2022, as part of our September 9-11 Road Trip. It was my 313th day in Japan as an ALT under the JET Programme. During our visit, there were displays about the Japanese variety show "How Do You Like Wednesdays? (水曜どうでしょう)". I have only seen one episode of the show. It was when they picked a card showing the logo signs of a municipality in Hokkaido and the cast would go to that place. This inspired me to do the #Hokkaido179 goal.

I included Akabira Base in our itinerary as I was looking for a place to buy food for our overnight camping at Elm Kogen Resort Kazokuryokomura Camping Ground. I can safely say that the Hot Legs were one of the best chickens that we have bought here in Hokkaido. In a way, it reminded us of the chicken from Max’s Restaurant in the Philippines. Given a chance, I’d stop by again in the future just to buy more hot legs.

Akabira Base Fees

It’s FREE to enter and explore Akabira Base but I highly suggest that you bring cash so you can buy souvenirs and try out the famed hot legs.

Akabira Base Operating Hours

Akabira Base is open from 10 AM to 5 PM. It is closed every Tuesday and Wednesday.

Why visit Akabira Base?

If it is your first time visiting Akabira City, I highly suggest that you stop by and get information about the city. While there, you can also enjoy the hot legs. If you are a Filipino, this food would remind you of the chicken from Max’s Restaurant.

Getting to Akabira Base


From Takikawa City's Takikawa Station, make your way to the Takikawa Eki Mae bus stop. Catch the Takiashi Sen bus operated by Hokkaido Chuo Bus. Disembark at the Elm Kogen Onsen Irikuchi bus stop, followed by a brief 32-meter stroll that will lead you to Akabira Base.

Travel time: 21 minutes
Fare: 450 yen




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