Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 8

Weekend 8: December 25 - 26, 2021

Day 54: December 25, 2021

Saturday - First Christmas in Rumoi City

It's my first Christmas here in Rumoi City and sadly my first Christmas away from family. Today, for the first time, I felt lonely. It's probably because I got used to the 4-month-long Christmas celebration in the Philippines. Aside from that, it was snowing heavily so I could not at least go out or go on a trip or simply walk outside. 

Lonely and lazy day = Blogging + Netflix

Regardless, I bought a Christmas cake and cooked a meal that I usually cook in the Philippines so that I could have a semblance of Christmas. Thank God for technology. I got to get in touch with my family in real time hence I kept my sanity. 

Bought a Christmas cake from Seicomart

Merry Christmas to you from myself

During lull times when my wife is busy, I also kept myself busy by working on my Master's report slides or updating my blog. I also did my laundry and prepared my stuff for my upcoming trips to Sapporo and then later Osaka.

Day 55: December 26, 2021

Sunday - Bonding with the other Rumoi ALTs

Good morning everyone! The weather looks better than yesterday but the temperature is still negative degrees. Regardless, I took this opportunity to head out and got to Shiritsurumoi Library to return the book that I borrowed a week ago. 

Rumoi City, Hokkaido
Check out how deep the snow is at my apartment...

Rumoi City - Hokkaido
... and the streets of Rumoi

...even my eyelashes are freezing

Before going home, I did a quick Christmas Shopping at Daiso for gifts for my friends here in Rumoi City. Aside from that, I also went to the nearby Seicomart to pay my water bill before heading home.

Shiritsurumoi Library - Winter 2021

Inside Shiritsurumoi Library to return the book that I borrowed

I spent the rest of the day morning packing up my stuff for my upcoming trip and then preparing for my 5:30PM Rumoi ALT bonding at Koraikan.

Koraikan - Rumoi City

Rumoi ALT Block bonding at Koraikan

Guy picked me up at around 5:10PM after picking up Kiaya. From my place, we picked up Joshua before driving to Koraikan. The Haboro ALT, Victoria, and her family were already there when we arrived. 

Here are some photos of the food that we tried:

Grilling meat at Koraikan

Here's what we ordered at Koraikan

As much as I wanted to eat more, stay longer, and bond with the other ALTs, I have another party to attend, and this time it was with my supervisor Kutsumi Sensei and our other co-teachers. 

Nomikai with my Rumoi HS friends

Here's our food for the night.

Kutsumi Sensei and Yasuda Sensei picked me up from Koraikan at around 7PM. We drove to Chi Sensei's home where we ate some delicious home-cooked meals and chatted until midnight. 

Thank you for driving me home Sasaki sensei

If it was not Monday the next day, we would have probably stayed up till the morning. Then again, we needed to work so we said our goodbyes, and Sasaki Sensei drove me and some other teachers home to wrap up the day. 

See you next week guys!

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