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Top 10 Things to Do in Universal Studios Japan

Osaka Prefecture in Japan is home to lots of famous tourist destinations. One of which is the Universal Studios Japan (USJ) . This fun-filled place is perfect for family bonding or group trips.  Top 10 Things to Do in Universal Studios Japan If you're planning to visit it for the first time, here are the  Top 10 Things to Do in Universal Studios Japan (USJ) . 1. Have your photo taken with the iconic  Universal Studios gate and globe  as the background. 2. Buy souvenirs from the different "areas" inside the park. 3. Bring your kids to the Wonderland area and let them enjoy the Flying Snoopy ride . 4. Try out the famed butterbeer in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter . 5. Hop on and be amazed by the  Amazing Adventures of Spiderman (ride) . 6. Ride a boat in the Jaws (ride) in the Amityville area of USJ and encounter the man-eating Jaws. 7. Watch open-air illumination stage shows especially at night. 8. Try out the  Hollywood Dream - The Ride - Ba

Wedding Gift House - Batangas

Located along Calle Gliceria Marella, Taal in the province of Batangas, the Wedding Gift House is one of the many Spanish Colonial Era houses that can still be found in the heritage town of Taal .  Wedding Gift House Wedding Gift House History Also known as the  Villavicencio-Marella House , the Wedding Gift House was a present of Don Eulalio Villavicencio to his wife Gliceria Marella in the wedding in 1871.  Surprisingly, the construction of the house took only one year (1870 -1871) and was finish just in time for the marriage of Don Eulalio and Dona Gliceria. The house is a three-bayed bahay na bato which was constructed using mainly adobe blocks and high-grade wood-like molave .  Wedding Gift House - Taal , Batangas Let's go inside the Wedding Gift House Wedding Gift House Circa 1870 The entresuelo found near the entrance is converted to a guest room The other room on the ground floor used to be Dona Monserrat's quarters Check out the old type

Top 10 Things To Do in Osaka

Osaka Prefecture can be considered as one of the main entry points of Japan thanks to the Kansai International Airport (KIX). As a result, the prefecture became of the most visited prefectures in the country. Top 10 Things To Do in Osaka For those who are planning to visit Osaka Prefecture, here is something that might help you make your stay a memorable one,  the Top 10 Things to Do in Osaka . 1. Go on a food trip. 2. Check out the famous Glico Man and shop for souvenirs in Dotonbori . 3. Visit Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan . 4. Spend a day in Universal Studios Japan . 5. Visit several of its temples and shrines. 6. Experience the Illumination event at Expo 70 Commemoration Park . 7. Dine at Japan's second-highest building - Kansai Star Gate Hote l. 8. Visit Osaka Castle . 9.  Stroll around Okuyama Ameyama Natural Park . 10.  Ride a ropeway up Osaka's tallest mountain - Mt. Kongo . How about you? What are your Top 10 Things to Do in Os

Top 10 Things to Do in Singapore

Singapore might be the smallest Southeast Asian country but it has been one of the top tourist destinations in the region. Singapore offers plenty of things to do that makes a week seem short for some.  Top 10 Things to Do in Singapore For those who are planning to visit the country, here's something that may help you craft your itinerary. Top 10 Things to Do in Singapore 1. Take a selfie with the famous Merlion statue. 2. Go on a heritage tour in Little India . 3. Shop for souvenirs in Chinatown . 4. Enjoy the food, drinks, and the nightlife in Clarke Quay . 5. Visit temples and churches. 6. Go food tripping in any Hawker Centre . 7. Ride the Singapore River Cruise . 8. Ride the cable car on Sentosa Island . 9. Spend a whole day exploring  Sentosa Island . 10. Take a dip in Marina Bay Sand 's Infinity pool How about you? What are your Top 10 Things to do in Singapore ?

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