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A Letter to 2023

Thank you for the 365 days that we've shared together. It was a memorable one. Like last year, numerous blessings and travel opportunities came into my life. But the biggest one was when Team Nicerio welcomed another member – Leonne Hokkaido G. Nicerio . Let's look back and see what milestones we've crossed and achieved this year. 1. This year, there were 182 published articles ( That's 88 more articles than last year 😄😄). 2. I have reached 3.5 million views (That's 400K new views this year). 3. I got my contract renewed as an ALT under the JET Programme. I’m officially in my 3rd year as an ALT. 4. I passed the Japan Driver’s License exams last May. Now, I can drive around Japan . 5. My son, Leonne Hokkaido G. Nicerio was born in Osaka. I'm super thankful to our Japanese family for allowing my wife to live with them for a month in preparation for her birth. 6. My article “Unveiling Hokkaido’s Hidden Gem” was published in the Manila Bulletin last August 23.

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