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Kobe Port Tower - Hyogo

Located in the port city of Kobe in Hyogo Prefecture in Japan, Kobe Port Tower ( 神戸ポートタワー Kōbe Pōto Tawā ) stands as the symbol and most famous landmark of the city. Kobe Port Tower Kobe Port Tower History Kobe Port Tower is a hyperboloid structure that has a height of 108 meters. The tower is famous for its red color and is usually visited by tourists in order for them to see the spectacular view of the bay and Kobe City. You can see this view from the observation deck of the tower which is located at a height of 90.28 meters. If you're planning to go up the viewing deck, you have to pay an entrance fee of Y600. Kobe Port Tower - Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture The top of Kobe Port Tower The theme for today is red Checking out the tower Kobe Port Tower e yokoso! If the tower provides a beautiful panoramic view of its surroundings by day, the tower itself becomes equally picturesque at night. Being illuminated by probably hundreds of lights, Kobe Port Tower trul

Japan Diaries: Day 24

Day 24  January 11, 2015 Kobe City Tour & Himeji Castle Good morning Japan ! Although fresh from our Mt. Koya tour yesterday, Mr. Toshi told us that we'll be heading to another UNESCO World Heritage Site today.  Our destination, according to Mr. Toshi, is the beautiful Himeji Castle which is in Hyogo Prefecture. Our plan is to drive to Kobe City (also in Hyogo Prefecture) then ride the shinkansen at Shinkobe Station going to Himeji  Castle. Kobe City , here we come! Kobe Port Tower Taking some photo ops with Mr. Port of Kobe When we got to Kobe City , we had a brief stop at the city's famous landmark which is the Kobe Port Tower . We didn't stay long there though. After taking several photos we drove off to Shin-Kobe Station . However, before doing so, Mr. Toshi dropped me off at a nearby mall so that I could buy the Kobe City tumbler of Starbucks for my collection. Outside the Shin Kobe Station Waiting for the shinkansen in Shin Kobe Statio

Okunoin - Wakayama

Located in Mt. Koya / Koyasan, Ito District in Wakayama Prefecture, Okunoin ( 奥の院 ) is regarded as the most sacred site in Mt. Koya . Okunoin Okunoin History The Okunoin is also the location of the mausoleum of Kukai which would later be known as Kobo Daishi . He is believed to be in eternal meditation since March 21, 835. His mausoleum is regarded as one of the most sacred places in Japan. Because of this a lot of people wanted to be buried near Kobo Daishi once they die. To date, there are over 200,000 tombstones erected as memorials for people from all walks of life throughout Japanese history. Okunoin -  奥の院 - Koyasan, Wakayama Prefecture The Great Forest of Japanese Cedar in Okunoin Despite being regarded as a holy site, Okunoin is also one of the most visited tourist sites in Wakayama Prefecture. Aside from the 200,000 tombstones of different designs, there are also other things or places to be seen on the Okunoin grounds. Things to See in Okunoin: The Gobyo

Kongobuji - Wakayama

Located in the secluded temple town of Mt. Kōya / Koyasan , Wakayama Prefecture in Japan, Kongobuji formally  Kongōbuji   ( 金剛峯寺 )  is the headquarters of the Koyasan Shingonshu Buddhism. Kongobuji -  金剛峯寺 Kongobuji History The name  Kongobuji was originally intended to refer to all of Mt. Kōya and its many sub-temples. The name  kongubu  actually means Vajra Peak. It is a term found in the title of a Buddhist sutra.  Kongobuji ( 金剛峯寺 )  - Koyasan, Wakayama Prefecture The bridge and gate going to the Kongobuji The Rokuji-no-Kane Bell The Seimon gate of the temple vicinity Kongobuji Rates (and other important destinations in Mt. Koya) Shoro (Belltower) Check out that large tree trunk inside the Ohiroma Room Checking out the frozen garden of Kongobuji The cranes painted by Kano Tanyu Kongobuji Zen Garden covered in snow Mr. Toshi showed us the different rooms of Kongobuji The halls of the temple The original temple built on the site o

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