Kamisunagawa Shrine - Hokkaido

Kamisunagawa Shrine (上砂川神社) is the main shrine of the town of Kamisunagawa. It is located at 2-23 Chuokita 2-jo, in the town of Kamisunagawa in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.

Kamisunagawa Shrine

Kamisunagawa Shrine details

Kamisunagawa Shrine was founded in 1919 by four pioneers - Kawaguchi, Sawada, Ogushi, and Nakata - who sought to honor the revered deity Amaterasu Omikami. The original shrine was built on the summit of Mt. Urayama.

Kamisunagawa Shrine - Kamisunagawa town, Hokkaido Prefecture

Over the years, Kamisunagawa Shrine has undergone various transformations, and in 1943, it was relocated to its current site. The shrine was built using the traditional Shinmei-zukuri architectural style which is common in shrines in Hokkaido Prefecture. 

Kamisunagawa Shrine's main torii gate

Kamisunagawa Shrine's chozuya

Kamisunagawa Shrine Main Hall

At first glance, the shrine looks abandoned as the windows look like they were boarded up. Regardless, the main deity of the shrine, Amaterasu Omikami, continues to be enshrined here, radiating her divine presence to all who visit. Kamisunagawa Shrine is one of those unmanned shrines in the region hence, a goshuin is not available.

Kamisunagawa Shrine Komainu

Kamisunagawa Shrine komainu

Kamisunagawa Shrine un-gyo

Kamisunagawa Shrine a-gyo

One notable aspect of Kamisunagawa Shrine is its smaller size, occupying a total area of 37.3 tsubos (123.4㎡). This intimate setting invites a sense of closeness with the divine, allowing visitors to truly connect with their spirituality.

Team Nicerio visits Kamisunagawa Shrine

My family and I visited Kamisunagawa Shrine for the first time last September 11, 2022, as part of our September 9-11 Road Trip. It was my 314th day in Japan as an ALT under the JET Programme. My daughter and I would always make it a point to visit the main shrine of every new municipality that we visit so that we could pay our respects and offer some prayers. After which, we also make some wishes before leaving. In a way, it’s a bonding opportunity for me and my daughter so each shrine is in a way memorable and special. 

Kamisunagawa Shrine entrance fee:

It’s FREE to enter and explore Kamisunagawa Shrine grounds.

Kamisunagawa Shrine operating hours:

Kamisunagawa Shrine grounds are open 24/7.

Why visit Kamisunagawa Shrine?

Since you can't avail of a goshuin in Kamisunagawa Shrine, there is nothing much to do here. However, it’s still a place to visit if you want to offer a prayer or pay respects to the town’s protector. In my case, I made it a personal goal to visit all the main shrines in Hokkaido. In a way, I believe that visiting a shrine for the first time means that I get to have three wishes. Well, that’s just me. 

Getting to Kamisunagawa Shrine


From Takikawa Station walk towards Takikawa Eki Mae bus stop and ride the Utashinai Sen Route of the Chuo bus line. Board down at Kamisunagawa Yakuba bus top. From there, walk for about 220 meters to reach the Kamisunagawa Shrine. 

Travel time: 38 minutes
Fare: 590 yen




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