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Kawit - Maragondon History Tour

Its close proximity to Manila makes Cavite an ideal place to tour for those with only a day or two of spare time.  The province is a great place to go to rediscover the history of our country.  Speaking of the history of our country, two things would always pop up in my mind -religion, and revolution. Due to the nature of my work (I'm a History teacher) I decided to go on a road trip to the said province to find out more about its connection with the two. Kawit - Maragondon History Tour Before the trip, I researched the places that would be interesting enough to visit and would also highlight an important historical event in our history. My research led me to the towns of Kawit and Maragondon . It stood out for having more than one historical site like old churches and houses. With the research and itinerary done, my Kawit-Maragondon History Tour officially started the next day. My tour began with a drive from Manila going to the town of Kawit. The drive took less than an

Camalig Church - Albay

Located in B. Buena Street in the heart of the municipality of Camalig in the province of Albay, Camalig Church is one of the most beautiful historical religious structures in the province of Albay.  Camalig Church Camalig Church History Also called the  Church of Saint John the Baptist , Camalig Church was built in 1605 several decades after the first Augustinian missionaries introduced the faith to the people of the province.  Camalig Church - Camalig, Albay Camalig Church facade Another angle of the church facade Camalig Church belfry Camalig Church interior Camalig Church altar Camalig Church interior as seen from the altar Check out that antique chandelier and ceiling painting However, the 1814 Mayon Volcano eruption devastated the town of Cagsawa and totally destroyed the neighboring towns of Cagsawa and Budiao. Luckily the church was spared from the devastation but the townspeople decided to relocate the town to the safety of the mountains. Th

Mayon Rest House & Mayon Planetarium - Albay

Located halfway to the peak of the eastern slope of Mayon Volcano and in the jurisdiction of Tabaco City in the province of Albay is the Mayon Skyline View Deck also known as the  Mayon Rest House . Mayon Rest House and Mayon Planitarium Mayon Rest House and Mayon Planetarium details Mayon Rest House and Mayon Planetarium - Tabaco City, Albay Formerly known as the Mayon Skyline Hotel , the establishment was long been shut down due to the unpredictability of Mayon Volcano. Luckily for the aging establishment, it was preserved by the local government of Tabaco City. The place was also improved by adding the planetarium, zip line, and wall climbing facilities also known as the Mayon Planetarium and Science Park . However, during our visit, it was only the planetarium that was functional.  Mayon Rest House and Mayon Planetarium as seen from the foot of the volcano Going up to another area of Mayon Planetarium Sadly, Mt. Mayon is not in the mood to be seen in this photo

Tierra de Maria - Cavite

Tierra de Maria is one of the several religious sites in the city. It is l ocated at 333 Tagaytay - Calamba Road,  Tagaytay City  in the province of Cavite,  Tierra de Maria Tierra de Maria details Tierra de Maria is famously known for the 50-foot statue of the Virgin Mary . It is also a sanctuary garden where one could visit to reflect and pray. A small chapel is also housed in the Tierra de Maria vicinity near (actually inside) the giant statue of the Virgin Mary. A mass is regularly held in it and everyone is invited to come. What I like about the chapel is the beautifully carved wooden sculptures displayed in it. Tierra de Maria - Tagaytay City, Cavite The 50-foot image of the Virgin Mary Devotees of the Virgin Mary consider Tierra de Maria as the HOME of the Blessed Virgin Mary. HOME here refers to Haven Of Meditation and Enrichment. These devotees regularly visit Tierra de Maria to offer prayers and also their time. Tierra de Maria - as seen from the highway

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