10 Things to Do in Shintotsukawa

10 Things to Do in Shintotsukawa (新十津川町) - Hokkaido
10 Things to Do in Shintotsukawa

Shintotsukawa (新十津川町) is a town in the Sorachi Subprefecture of Hokkaido, Japan. The town got its name after many of the victims of the Great Totsukawa Flood in Totsukawa Village in Nara Prefecture moved and settled in the Tokku wilderness in Hokkaido. They named their settlement Shintotsukawa which means “New Totsukawa” after the name of their old village.

For those planning to visit the town of Shintotsukawa to check what it has to offer, here are the 10 Things to Do in Shintotsukawa:

Shintotsukawa manhole covers
Shintotsukawa manhole covers

1. Take a picture of the manhole cover of Shintotsukawa. So far, I have seen one unique manhole cover which is common in the central part of town. The colored version of it is displayed inside the Shintotsukawa Town Hall.

Shintotsukawa Product Center

2. Visit the Shintotsukawa Product Center and buy products that are produced or made in the town. You can also get the town stamps here. This place isn’t hard to miss as its façade is eye-catching.

Shitotsukawa Shrine - Hokkaido
Shintotsukawa Shrine

3. Visit the Shintotsukawa Shrine. You can pay your respects and offer prayers here any time of the day. You can also get a goshuin here. If you visit during spring, you might get the chance to see the sakura trees in the shrine’s vicinity in full bloom.

Ishikaritokutomi Kasen Ryokuchi Park Golf Course

4. Play golf for free at Ishikaritokutomi Kasen Ryokuchi Park Golf Course. If you bring your friends or family along, you will probably spend a whole day here. 

Ishikaritokutomi Kasen Ryokuchi Park

5. Relax and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere while walking around the banks of the Ishikari River at Ishikaritokutomi Kasen Ryokuchi Park. Be careful though, the steps are sometimes slippery.

Yoshino Park

6. Pitch a tent and stay overnight at Yoshino Park. The place can accommodate more or less 50-60 tents but the parking is limited so make sure to come early. The good thing about the park is that there is a nearby day spa at Shintotsukawacho Yoshinochiku Kasseika Center.

Green Park Shintotsukawa

7. Take a dip in the onsen of Green Park Shintotsukawa. You can stay for the night and enjoy the meals. However, they also offer affordable day trips if you are pressed for time.

Toppu Dam

8. Visit Toppu Dam and enjoy the view. The best time to visit is in autumn when the foliage is at its most beautiful.

Shintotsukawa Local History Museum
Shintotsukawa Town Pioneer Memorial Hall

9. Visit the Shintotsukawa Town Pioneer Memorial Hall, also called the Shintotsukawa Local History Museum, and learn about the history of the town of Shintotsukawa.

Mt. Pinneshiri - Shintotsukawa, Hokkaido
Mt. Pinneshiri

10. Hike the 1100m Mt. Pinneshiri. This mountain is considered one of the symbols of Shintotsukawa. The town also holds the annual Pinnesiri Climbing Marathon in the summer.

I hope my list of the 10 Things to Do in Shintotsukawa gave you an idea and inspiration to visit this charming town in Hokkaido.


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