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Japan Diaries 4: Week 11

Week 11: January 10-14, 2022 Winter Vacation Week 3 Since this week is jam-packed with travel, most of the days here have their own special article. Please click on the links to read more about each article.  Day 70: January 10, 2022 Monday - A Trip to Wakayama Hey guys! Today, my Japanese family and I are heading to Wakayama Prefecture. Mr. Toshi's daughter Akiko and her friend Ms. Kumi will be joining us on this trip.  Wakayama City Manhole Cover We visited the following places in Wakayama: Kominka Cafe Restaurant Hatsuhana  at Iwade City Marina City  - Wakayama City Kominka Cafe Restaurant Hatsuhana with Mr. Toshi and family Wakayama Marina City - Porto Europa  AEON Mall Wakayama - Wakayama City Before going home, we drove to AEON Mall Wakayama to buy some groceries and omiyage. From there, we drove back to Tsubasagaoka in Sennan City, Osaka but before we did, we bid farewell to Ms. Akiko and her friend as they drive back to Suita City. You can read more about this trip 👉 <

Rinku Park - Osaka

Rinku Park ( りんくう公園 ) is a beach park on the opposite bank of Kansai International Airport, located at 1-271 Rinkuoraikita, Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture. Rinku Park  ( りんくう公園 )  Rinku Park Details Opened on September 18, 1996, Rinku Park is actually part of reclaimed land. It has a total area of 61.2 hectares. This area stretches along the coast of Izumisano City, Tajiri Town, and Sennan City and is referred to as Rinku Town.  The Star Gate Hotel Kansai Airport as seen from Rinku Park Rinku Park Love At present, parts of Rinku Park are still being developed. The areas currently open to the public are the Symbol Garden and the Seaside Garden .  Uchiumi (Inner Sea) Uchiumi as seen from Taikobashi The Star Gate Hotel can be seen from the Uchiumi area The Symbol Garden is the place where you'd find the Four Seasons Fountain, the Summer Solstice Stairs, and the Winter Solstice Grotto. Other things to see here are: Rinku Park management office The General Rest Area Taiko Bridg

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