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Toma Roadside Station - Hokkaido

Toma Roadside Station ( 道の駅 とうま ) is one of the 128 roadside stations spread around Hokkaido. It is located at 2 Ku Uenbetsu along Route 39, in the town of Toma in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan . Toma Roadside Station   Toma Roadside Station details In the mid-1990s, during Japan's economic upswing, the government initiated investments in infrastructure projects aimed at stimulating growth and progress. Among these initiatives was the establishment of a network of roadside stations across the country. These stations were designed to offer travelers a place to rest and refuel during long journeys while also showcasing local products and attractions. Toma Roadside Station - Toma town, Hokkaido Prefecture One of the pioneer roadside stations in Hokkaido was the Toma Roadside Station . It officially received its roadside station status on April 17, 1998, designated with the number 48. This strategically located station sits at the junction of Route 39, connecting Asahikawa City to Engar

10 Things to Do in Pippu

10 Things to Do in Pippu Pippu ( 比布町 ) is a town in the Kamikawa Subprefecture of Hokkaido, Japan . The name of the town is derived from the Ainu language, but there are various theories. According to the theory proposed by Masahi Shirasato, it is said that " pippi-pet " (rolling stones in the river) evolved into " pippet ", " pip " or " pipi ". Another theory suggests that it originated from " pi-o-p " (a place with many stones). It’s good to note that the town is the only municipality in Japan that starts with the letter P. For those planning to visit the town of Pippu to check what it has to offer, here are the 10 Things to Do in Pippu : Pippu manhole cover 1. Take a picture of the  manhole cover of Pippu . So far, I have seen 1 unique manhole cover. It is commonly seen around town. Pippu Pokemon manhole cover 2. Check out the  Pippu Pokemon manhole cover . It is installed outside the Pippu Station, along  with the unique Pippu manho

Pippu Shrine - Hokkaido

Pippu Shrine ( 比布神社 ) is the main shrine of the town of Pippu. It is located at 4 Chome-20-2 Shinmachi in the town of Pippu in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan . It celebrates its annual holiday on August 1st. Pippu Shrine Pippu Shrine details Pippu Shrine was founded in 1899 by volunteers mostly from Shiga, Kagawa, and Ehime Prefectures who settled in the wilderness of what is now Pippu with the desire to develop Hokkaido. After establishing a community, the settlers started the construction of a small shrine on Mt. Setana on the banks of the Ishikari River. Pippu Shrine - Pippu town, Hokkaido Prefecture After several decades, a small shrine was also built in the town area. Festivals were held to pray for the success of reclamation, the safety of the family, and the prosperity and protection of the hometown. Pippu Shrine 's main torii 比布神社 Pippu Shrine 's chozuya Pippu Shrine 's chozubachi In 1923, the current shrine building was completed, and the two shrines were jointly ens

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