Rumoi City Library - Hokkaido

Rumoi City Library (留萌図書館) is a treasure trove of free knowledge in the city, located at 2 Chome 1-1 Suminoecho, Rumoi City, Hokkaido Prefecture.

Rumoi City Library

Rumoi City Library details

(Winter Edition

Locally referred to as Shiritsurumoi Library, Rumoi City Library continues to be a gateway to learning and knowledge for the citizens of Rumoi, Currently, the library houses more than 5000 books that cover a range of topics.

Rumoi City Library - Rumoi City, Hokkaido Prefecture

However, the books here are all in Japanese so foreign readers with little to no knowledge of the language might have a hard time finding books that they might enjoy. However, language learners such as myself find Rumoi City Library as a good source of materials for learning. You might probably find me in the children / young adult section of the library reading children's books. 

This way to Rumoi City Library

Heavy snow blankets Rumoi City Library last December 2022

Rumoi City Library (留萌図書)

Welcome to Rumoi City Library

If you are staying long term in Rumoi City and are a book lover or are a big fan of spending quiet afternoons in a building full of books then you should come to visit. You can also apply for a library card. It's free and the process won't even take an hour. You can read more about that in my article: Applying for a Library Card in Rumoi City.

Inside Rumoi City Library


Aside from lending books and offering a haven for your quiet moments, Rumoi City Library also offers a fun way of learning and literacy support for young learners by holding different activities such as read-aloud or story-telling time. As for older students, the library offers a free Wi-Fi service which is highly useful if you are doing research.

Noboru-san helped me apply for my library card

The first book that I borrowed at Rumoi City Library. 

The first time I visited Rumoi City Library was last December 18, 2021, which was my 7th weekend here in Rumoi City as its High School Assistant Language Teacher under the JET Programme. During my first visit, I was accompanied by Adachi Noboru who was a member of the Rumoi City English Chat Club. He helped me apply for my library card and also introduced me to the staff of the library. 

Rumoi City Library fees:

It's FREE to enter, read, get a library card, and borrow books in Rumoi City Library. Just make sure to return them on time.

Rumoi City Library Operating Hours.

Monday - Closed
Tuesday - Friday - 10AM - 6PM
Saturday and Sunday - 10AM - 5PM
Holidays might affect the operating hours of Rumoi City Library.

Why visit Rumoi City Library?

Overall, despite the changing times and the information exchanges being done in the snap of a finger, I believe that libraries still play an important role for today's learners. I highly encourage everyone to normalize library visits as part of present-day culture. 

Getting to Rumoi City Library

Sadly, only the local taxi can bring you to Rumoi City Library from JR Rumoi Station. If you'd ask me, the best way to reach it is by foot. 

From Rumoi Station Rumoi City Library is 1.3 kilometers away. It takes only 16 minutes to reach it on foot.




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