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Ark Avilon Zoo - Pasig City

UPDATE 2019 Jan 2019 - After 11 years of operations, Ark Avilon Zoo's lease contract has expired. It's doors will now be closed and its animals will return to Avilon Zoo in Rodriguez, Rizal. Located in Frontera Verde in Pasig City, Ark Avilon Zoo is an interactive indoor zoo that is famously known for its Noah's Ark themed facade. Ark Avilon Zoo Ark Avilon Zoo details Ark Avilon Zoo boasts its "star-studded" line up of friendly animals. These animal celebrities are: Ayla the Palawan bearcat, Alex and Nardo the cockatoos, Andy and Mercy the penguins, Busty the pony, Krusty the donkey, Tyson the Burmese python and last but definitely not the least Jenny the Bornean orangutan. Ark Avilon Zoo - Pasig City Visitors can interact and have a picture taken with these "celebrities" at a given price though. These animals are spread out in the different parts of the two-story zoo. Reminds me of Noah's Ark Oh, wait! It really is designed as an ar

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