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Okatteya Moe - Hokkaido

Okatteya Moe / Souvenir Shop Okatteya Moe  ( おみやげ処 お勝手屋 萌 ) is a souvenir shop and tourist information center located at 3 Chome-2-13 Sakaemachi in Rumoi City, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan . Okatteya Moe Okatteya Moe details Also called Rumoi Souvenir Shop Okatteya Moe , this souvenir shop uses the building of the former Rumoi Shinkin Bank. Okatteya Moe  also doubles as a tourism information center and a hub for disseminating tourism information. You will find numerous brochures here and even ask the staff for sample itineraries.  Okatteya Moe - Rumoi City, Hokkaido Prefecture A different selection of souvenirs to choose from Kazumo-chan products Locally produced products You can ask for the Rumoi City Tourist Map It is now an antenna store maintained by the NPO Rumoi Tourism Association that offers Rumoi's unique items. You may buy a variety of Rumoi-made items, including sweets, processed marine products, agricultural products, and, of course, the kazunoko, for which Rumoi is fam

Japan Diaries 4: Day 209

  Day 209 -  May 29, 2022 Sunday -  Family Day Sunday Thank God for the beautiful weather today. 😄😄😄 After breakfast, we didn't waste time as we head out to explore Rumoi City once again.  It's a beautiful day here in Rumoi. Time to revisit Rumoi River We crossed the Boulevard Bridge to Igarashicho For our first stop, we revisited the walking path along the  Rumoi River . We walked from Shinonomecho to Horikawacho before crossing the Boulevard Bridge to Igarashicho.  We saw this unique art outside one house Of course, we had to take photos of the art display. Takasago Park Bonding time for me and Ella The pink wisteria plant in Takasago Park was in full bloom The wisteria plants were not only beautiful it also provided us some shade From there, our next stop was  Takasago Park  in Takasagocho. We spent almost three hours there as Ella met friends and enjoyed her time there. Since nothing is more important than my daughter's happiness, we took our time at Takasago Park

Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 30

Weekend 30: May 28 - 29, 2022 Day 208 - May 28, 2022 Saturday - Rainy Day in Rumoi It's another weekend here in Rumoi City. There's a 70% chance of rain today according to the weather forecast and true enough it did. 😢 It's a rainy day in Rumoi It didn't stop us from going on a walk along the Rumoi River Regardless, it didn't hinder us from taking a walk on the walking path along the  Rumoi River . Although we were wearing raincoats we still got wet but then again that made it memorable.  Photos of our walk along Rumoi River: From the walking path, we headed back home and spent the day resting. We also got to chat with Injin, our close friend who is now in Spain. Hopefully, when the pandemic is over, we would get to visit her and tour Europe too.  Team Nicerio visits the  Rumoi River Overall, we are looking forward to better weather tomorrow so that we can take long walks outside. Day 209 - May 29, 2022 Sunday - Family Day Sunday Thank God for the beautiful weather

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