Baypark Atimonan - Quezon

Located at Barangay Zone 1 Poblacion, Atimonan in the province of Quezon, Baypark Atimonan is the newest tourist destination of the municipality. 

Baypark Atimonan

Baypark Atimonan details

As mentioned, Baypark Atimonan is a newly built tourist destination in the municipality of Atimonan. Construction of Baypark Atimonan started in late 2020 and was finished by early 2021. Some even claimed that the park was built in just less than a month. I tried reaching out to its official Facebook page to get information about the park but as of this writing, have not received any response. 

Baypark Atimonan - Atimonan, Quezon

Others refer to it as Atimonan Baypark

I interviewed some young locals during my visit and they referred to Baypark Atimonan as the perfect tambayan (place to hang out) where they meet friends and spend their afternoons. As a matter of fact, it is common to see groups of teenagers practicing dance moves for their Tiktok accounts. You'd also frequently see lovers watching the sunset and parents watching their kids enjoy life. 

Baypark Atimonan dedication marker (2021)

Atimonan Seal

Baypark Atimonan faces Lamon Bay and has a good view of Alabat Island. It is also within walking distance of Atimonan Port so some passengers who have time to kill often visit the park. Before its construction, the area is rarely visited by people due to the fact that trash would usually wash up to the area and there's really nothing much to do there. 

The Pearl statue is one of the displays in Baypark Atimonan

Today, the local government of Atimonan really did something beneficial to the community. Aside from giving life to this part of the town, it also made it one of the most visited destinations of Atimonan. It also opens up the doors to further development in the area.

Team Nicerio visits Baypark Atimonan

Although there's still nothing much to do here, you can see a large clam statue, the Atimonan / Baypark standee, the centerpiece of the park which is the giant M which looks like a crab (others say that its actually two men shaking hands). Regardless, its cleanliness and good view draw in the crowd.

I got to visit Baypark Atimonan as a stopover on our drive back home from our 13-day 2021 Bicol Road Trip.

Baypark Atimonan Entrance Fee

It's FREE to visit and explore Baypark Atimonan.

Baypark Atimonan Opening Hours

Baypark Atimonan is open 24/7. However, it's best visited early in the morning and in the afternoon. 

Why visit Baypark Atimonan?

As mentioned, Baypark Atimonan is the newest tourist destination of the town of Atimonan. Although there is nothing much to see or do here, it has the potential to be developed and I won't be surprised that in the future this place would be the center of nightlife or a food trip destination. 

Getting to Baypark Atimonan

From Manila, there are several bus lines that ply the route going to Lucena City. From there transfer to one of the minibusses heading to Gumaca. Tell the conductor to drop you off before the diversion road of Atimonan. From there you could rent motorcycles to bring you to Baypark Atimonan.


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