Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 21

Weekend 21: March 26 - 27, 2022

Day 145: March 26, 2022

Saturday - MBA Comprehensive Exam

Good morning everyone, today is a big day for me as it is my comprehensive exam or Compre for my Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

I spent the whole morning reviewing and anxiously awaiting my 1:30PM (Philippine Time) Compre schedule. The funny thing was, the Compre was not that brain-wracking. My adviser, Doc Quiocho, gave me encouragement. It was all I needed for my Compre. I will find out the results in a week. 

Heading out for a dinner bonding at Kiaya's place

A few more kilometers

That afternoon, I walked several kilometers going to Kiaya's place as she was hosting our Rumoi dinner today. When I arrived, Guy and Joshua were already there. I wasn't able to take photos as they were already eating and I was super late. 

Dinner with the other ALTs. Yum!

After dinner, we watched the film The Big Lebowski before heading back home. As usual, bonding with friends was a perfect way to end the day. Overall, I felt very fulfilled today. 

Day 146: March 27, 2022

Sunday - Rest Day

Good morning everyone! It's getting warmer already. I woke up to 6-degree weather today but the overcast makes it look like it's still going to snow hard anytime.

Wrote some articles today

I wanted to go out today but I decided to just stay home to rest, write articles for my blog, and binge-watch some films on Netflix.

Motokawacho Seicomart

My first stop - the chips and popcorn aisle

Next stop -the bread, ice cream, and drinks aisle

These are the things that I bought during my trip to Motokawacho Seicomart

Thankfully, the sky cleared at around noon and since I was binge-watching, I figure it is better to have something to munch. I headed out to the Motokawacho Seicomart to buy some chips to complete my movie marathon. I watched the following films today: Black Crab, Love Like The Falling Petals, and Sergio.

That evening, I cooked steak for dinner and then took a dip in my hot tub before calling it a day officially ending my weekend. Overall, my weekend was mostly rest and relaxation. I say it's totally worth it. See you tomorrow!

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