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Sula Bridge - Albay

Sula Bridge  also called  Sula Delta Bridge  is a two-lane bridge that connects Cagraray Island to mainland Albay. It is located in Barangay Sula in Bacacay in the province of Albay,  Sula Bridge Sula Bridge details According to some sources online, the history of the Sula Bridge could be traced back to the 1950s when former senator Tecla San Andres-Ziga originally visualized and initiated building a bridge that would connect the Cagraray Island to the province of Albay. This was in hopes of boosting the economy and tourism of the island. Sadly, the construction of the Sula Bridge did not materialize during her term and was shelved for several decades. Sula Bridge as seen from mainland Albay Bikers are regular visitors here at Sula Bridge In the 1980s, then-Representative Edcel Lagman also pushed for its construction but like that Senator San Andres-Ziga's plan, it was also shelved for decades. He did not give up though until  Sula Bridge was finally built during the time of fo

Bicol Road Trip 2021: Day 2

Bicol Road Trip 2021: Day 2 Day 2: July 18, 2021 Cagraray Trip Good morning from Casa Nicerio in Camalig, Albay. It's officially our first full day here in the province. Although it has been drizzling earlier today, we did not let that hinder us from our road trip plans today.  For our itinerary today, we plan to drive on a 2-car convoy to the municipality of Cagraray also in Albay. Our objective for this road trip is to visit the Cagraray Eco-Energy Park. Casa Nicerio - Day 2 From Casa Nicerio , it took us 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach Cagraray Eco-Energy Park. I was surprised to see that the road to Cagraray was better than some of the major roads in Manila.  Off to Cagraray Following my dad's car (Can you see him?) Sula Bridge as seen from my dad's car During our drive, we had a stopover at Sula Bridge to take some family photos and also admire the view from the bridge. Quick trivia: Sula Bridge connects Cagraray Island to the mainland. Apparently, this bridge is

Quezon Herbal Pavilion Revisited 2021

Constructed on May 26, 2015, Quezon Herbal Pavilion was built to improve and beautify the once ill-managed picnic area of the Atimonan Zigzag Park . It also aims to promote the health benefits of the different herbs in preparation for launching Quezon Province as the Herbal Capital of the country.  Quezon Herbal Pavilion Revisited 2021 Quezon Herbal Pavilion details It was during our stopover here during our Experience Quezon Media Tour 2016 that I first saw Quezon Herbal Pavilion . Back then it lacked the herbs that it was supposed to highlight. I revisited it a year later during our 2017 Batangas - Quezon Visita Iglesia and was happy to see that the Quezon Herbal Pavilion was already teeming with life.  There were numerous herbs planted around the pavilion which are visited by a plethora of bugs and birds.  Quezon Herbal Pavilion - Atimonan , Quezon Another laudable thing here is the fact that those who manage the pavilion make sure that each plant is labeled. Aside from the comm

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