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Sennan Marble Beach - Osaka

Located in the coastal part of Rinku Town, Izumisano, Sennan in Osaka Prefecture, Sennan Marble Beach is an artificial beach that is one of the best places to watch the beautiful sunsets within Osaka Bay. Sennan Marble Beach Sennan Marble Beach Details As was written, Sennan Marble Beach is an artificial beach that is part of the reclaimed land which is now famously known as Rinku Town. Sennan Marble Beach is famous for its white marble gravel-covered coastline that stretches for about 900 meters.  Sennan Marble Beach - Sennan, Osaka Prefecture Gotta love the view Sennan Marble Beach " Always with you " Due to the exquisite sunset view from Sennan Marble Beach , it has been included in Japan's Top 100 Sunsets. Since its opening in 1995, the beach has become a favorite destination of couples who wanted a romantic place but does not want to go far from Sennan. Hence it is not a surprise when the beach was designated as a Lover's Sanctuary. The ti

Japan Diaries 2: Day 19

Day 19 June 4, 2018 Sennan Marble Beach Ohayo ! We're back in Kumatori in Osaka Prefecture after our 4-day Gifu-Nagano Road Trip with our Japanese family.  What a beautiful day! Buko pandan We decided to stay home the whole morning to rest and wash our clothes. My wife and I also made the "most-requested" buko pandan dessert.  AEON Mall in Sennan Time to go shop in AEON Mall After three years, we're back to this store It's really awesome to bond with our Japanese family over coffee That afternoon, we drove to AEON Mall in Sennan to have their pet dog Yomogi groomed. AEON Mall is memorable to us as it was the first mall that we have visited during our first travel to Japan four years ago. We took the opportunity to revisit, drink coffee, and have a great chat in Aeon Mall Starbucks with our Japanese family just like before.  Sennan Marble Beach Loving the beach We left the mall at around 4PM and drove to the nearby S

Sunomata Castle - Gifu

Located at 1742-1 Sunomata, Ogaki City in Gifu Prefecture, Sunomata Castle ( 墨俣城 ) is one of Japan 's historical but reconstructed castles. Sunomata Castle   ( 墨俣城 ) Sunomata Castle History The original castle was built in 1567 by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who was during that time, a minor retainer of Oda Nobunaga. The castle was named Sunomata Ichiya-jo (Castle) or simply Ichiya-jo which literally means "one night castle". It got its name from the legend that it was built only in one night.  Sunomata Castle 墨俣城 - Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture The gourd or hyotan can be seen all around the castle as it is the symbol of the area Sunomata Castle One has to cross the Sai River or Naka River to get to the castle Sunomata Castle as seen from the middle of the bridge Hideyoshi built the castle to serve as his base and headquarters during the siege of Inabayama Castle (now Gifu Castle). Like what was written earlier, legend has it that Sunomata Castle wa

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