Bicol Road Trip 2021: Day 12 & 13

Bicol Road Trip 2021: Day 12 & 13

Day 12: July 28, 2021


Good morning everyone!

Last full day in Casa Nicerio

Breakfast first before attending seminars

Although the weather is fine today we decided not to go on a road trip because we are driving back home tomorrow. We spent most of the day packing up our stuff and cleaning the house. I also had to attend some meetings and seminars for work. Thank God, the internet and electricity were stable that day.

Time for lunch!

That afternoon, my dad and I harvested some of the fruits on the farm that we would bring home with us like bananas, papayas, and pomelos. We boxed them and then loaded them in our pickup trucks.

Loading the pomelo in my dad's car

Loading the bags and some fruits in my vehicle. Check out my new pets... The bananas

To wrap up our 12th day in Albay, we had availed of the services of a "manghihilot". A manghihilot is a person who specializes in the ancient Filipino way of healing that is very similar to massage. Although each manghihilot has his/her own technique, they are all considered the same. 

That night, we slept early as we plan to leave around 4AM tomorrow.

Day 13: July 29, 2021

Drive Back Home

This is it... Our last day here in Casa Nicerio. Since we packed up and loaded all our stuff yesterday, we just did a final check and loaded the last bag containing our necessities.

Goodbye for now Casa Nicerio and Mayon Volcano. See you again!

We left Casa Nicerio at around 6:05AM because this trip takes around 10-12 hours depending on traffic. In this way, we would manage to avoid the influx of people in nearby cities and towns.

Dios Mabalos. See you again soon Albay!

Gumaca City Coast - Gumaca, Quezon

Lunch time at Gumaca City Coast

We did brief stopovers at several gas stations along the way to empty our bladders. Our first long stopover was when we had lunch at Gumaca City Coast, Gumaca in the province of Quezon. 

Atimonan Baypark - Atimonan, Quezon

Team Nicerio visits Atimonan Baypark

It's Ella and Lola time

From there, we continued on our trip and had a side trip to Atimonan - my mom's hometown. It is also located in Quezon Province. We visited its newest tourist attraction which is Atimonan Baypark

Time to go.

Zigzag Road's famed Siko

After exploring Atimonan Baypark and taking as many photos of it, we decided to go on and continue our drive home. We arrived at our place in Bacoor City at around 6:50PM. Upon entering our house, we were shocked to discover that it was infested with molds. We spent the remainder of the day unloading our stuff and also cleaning the house which was really tiring. 

Can you spot my dad's car?

Overall, our 13 days in the Bicol Region were totally worth it. I got the rest and adventure that I need to motivate me to work harder this year. Thank you for following my adventures. See you at my next one!

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