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Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 20

Weekend 20: March 19-20, 2022 Day 138: March 19, 2022 Saturday - Itinerary Making Day It's the start of the long weekend today as Monday is the Spring Equinox holiday here in Japan .  Here's my breakfast (and probably lunch too) for today I didn't go out today as I spent my day crafting an itinerary for my 2-Day Wakkanai Backpacking Trip on Sunday and Monday.  Making my 2-day Wakkanai Itinerary For my accommodation, I booked via Airbnb. I got a whole private lodging for myself for only 5693 yen. I also contacted the Filipino ALT of Wakkanai, Abhie to meet her and say hi to her when I visit (sort of a courtesy call).  I spent the remainder of the day preparing my stuff for the trip. In my downtime, I watched the suspense film Downrange on Netflix. After this, I chatted with my wife to inform her of my finalized plan before calling it a day.  Day 139: March 20, 2022 Sunday - Wakkanai Backpacking Day 1 This is it! After spending my whole Saturday crafting my itinerary for

Japan Diaries 4: Week 20

Week 20: March 14 -18, 2022 Day 133: March 14, 2022 Monday - Rumoi Rumoi High School 3/14/2022 It's the start of another week. Today, I'm at Rumoi High School .  Here is my workload for today: 2nd period - Vocab Game @2-1 of Motoyama-sensei 3rd period - My Strenght Point @2-56 of Shikou-sensei 6th period - My Strenght Point @2-34 of Motoyama-sensei Day 134: March 15, 2022 Tuesday - Rumoi Rumoi High School 3/15/2022 There were no kids in Rumoi High School today because the teachers are scheduled to have the " Pass or Fail Judgement Meeting " as written in the calendar of activities of the school. Well, that was the translation of the memo done by Google Lens.  Solo in Rumoi High School 's faculty During their meeting, I was left to guard the faculty room for about an hour. I kept myself busy by studying Kanji. When I looked out the window, I was surprised to see that it was snowing hard again. In a way, I was already hoping that it is already spring as I'm r

Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 19

Weekend 19: March 12-13, 2022 Day 131: March 12, 2022 Saturday - Grocery Day  The sound of water dripping woke me up today. Thinking that there was a leak somewhere, I hurriedly got up and inspected the bedroom and living room only to find out that the sound was actually coming from the melting snow dripping on my metal railing.  I went to Rumoi's COOP to buy groceries. Since I am already up, I started to do my laundry and prepare breakfast. After breakfast, I worked on my business plan for my Master's Degree. So many things to buy... ...but I bought these. That afternoon, to change the scenery, I headed out and went to COOP to buy groceries. I got the usual meat, eggs, and milk but I was astonished to find different flavors of KitKat . I wasn't able to control myself so I purchased all four flavors available. I got the Mont Blanc , Peach , Matcha Latte , and Banana Caramel . Kitkat Mont Blanc Kitkat Peach Kitkat Matcha Latte Kitkat Banana Caramel When I got back home, I

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