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Japan Diaries 4: Day 307

Day 307:  September 4, 2022 Sunday –  Mashike to Ishikari Road Trip It's another lovely morning in Rumoi City. It's time to get back on the road. Today's itinerary will take us south to Ishikari City. We left our Rumoi City home shortly after 6:30 a.m. The Cape Ofuyu Observatory in Mashike ( 増毛町 ), near its border with Ishikari City, was our first stop. Driving south via Route 231 again today We passed through one of the many tunnels of Route 231 First stop:  Cape Ofuyu Observatory Inside the Cape Ofuyu Observatory Cape Ofuyu Observatory elevated walking path The view from Cape Ofuyu Observatory was spectacular, but there were numerous warning signs warning of the possibility of encountering a mamushi, or Japanese moccasin, as well as suzumebachi, or giant hornets. We were watchful because there were hornets along the walkway up to the observation deck. Shiroganeno Falls We proceeded from Cape Ofuyu Observatory to the nearby Shiroganeno Falls in Ishikari City ( 石狩市 )

Japan Diaries 4: Day 306

Day 306:  September 3, 2022 Saturday –  Mashike Road Trip It's the weekend again. The weather is beautiful today, which means it's a perfect day to go out of town with the family once more. However, because I have an All-Rumoi ALT get-together in the afternoon, my family and I will be unable to do our usual overnight camping, and we will also be unable to visit distant towns and cities. Driving down Route 231 to Mashike Mashike manhole cover The good news is that I went to Mashike ( 増毛町 ) with my JTE last weekend and got to experience fun activities that my family would undoubtedly enjoy. As a result, it's a simple plug-and-play day trip for us. First stop: Former Mashike Station We left our home in Rumoi at around 8 AM and arrived at Mashike 30 minutes later. Our first stop is the Former Mashike Station . Although there is nothing much to do here, visiting this historic building is a big thing for me as I got to finally see one of the places shown in the 1981 film Station

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