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Cavite: Malinta Tunnel (Day Tour)

Located in the island of Corregidor in the province of Cavite, Malinta Tunnel is a tunnel that became popular during the Second World War because it housed several important people in Philippine history like President Manuel L. Quezon, future president Sergio Osmenia, and General Douglas MacArthur. Malinta Tunnel Construction of Malinta Tunnel started in 1922. The tunnel was finished 10 years later in 1932. It was said that the tunnel was constructed using mostly the manpower of Filipino inmates. It was also said that it was them who named the tunnel after the Tagalog word malinta which means leech infested because of the huge population of the said bloodsuckers in the area. Tunnel map Tourists crowd the entrance of the tunnel When the tunnel was completed it had a measure of 835 feet length for the East-West passage. It has a height of 18 feet and a width of 24 feet. The tunnel has 13 laterals on its north side and another 11 laterals on its south side. Each lateral h

Cavite: Pacific War Memorial

Located in the Topside sector of Corregidor Island in the province of Cavite, the Pacific War Memorial is memorial structure erected in commemoration of the Filipino and American servicemen who fought and gave their lives in the Pacific Theater during the Second World War. Pacific War Memorial The memorial was constructed several years after the war and was completed in 1968. Construction cost was said to be at least 1.23 million dollars, most of which was contributed by the United States Congress. The circular marble below the skylight The skylight The Pacific War Memorial actually consists of several monuments. The most popular of which is the main structure which is the dome. It is known for the skylight hole on top of it which lets the sunlight in during the day. Directly underneath the skylight is a circular marble altar with these words inscribed on its edge... "Sleep, my sons, your duty done, for Freedom's light has come; sleep in the

Clearwater Resort and Country Club - Pampanga

Located in Centennial Road, Clark Freeport Zone in Angeles City in the province of Pampanga, Clearwater Resort and Country Club  is a place that provides a spacious venue great for team-building and outdoor activities. Clearwater Resort and Country Club Clearwater Resort and Country Club details Clearwater Resort and Country Club - Angeles City, Pampanga Established in 2003, Clearwater Resort and Country Club offer a peaceful haven away from the polluted and stressful line in the Metro. What's nice about the resort is that despite it being an exclusive resort, non-members could still enjoy its amenities. Guess who welcomed us to Clearwater Resort and Country Club Speaking of amenities, the resort has a 13-hectare picnic/camping grounds ideal for any outdoor activity. The resort also has a man-made lake for kayaking and fishing. If you love swimming on the beach, believe it or not, despite being situated several miles from the nearest beach, Clearwater Resort and Country

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