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Giant Toog Tree - Agusan Del Sur

UPDATE: Good news, the Giant Toog Tree is given another lease of life after the mayor listened to the pleas of concerned citizens. Found in Barangay Alegria, San Francisco (San Franz), in Agusan Del Sur, This   Giant Toog Tree also known as Philippine Rosewood is considered the oldest and tallest in the country. Giant Toog Tree Giant Toog Tree Details: This particular Toog tree stands 318 feet with a diameter of 7 meters at its base. From a distance, the tree looks like a towering giant amidst a crowd. The tree was judged as the tallest of all  toog  trees by the Tree Preservation Foundation of the Philippines Inc. in 1980. Agusan Del Sur's Giant Toog Tree The marker tells the story of this particular tree. Toog trees are known for their toughness. It was said that during the olden times, man couldn't cut down the toog trees. Axes and manual saws are useless against their thick trunks. However, when technology improved and machines were introduced to the Philippin

Diosdado Macapagal Bridge - Agusan Del Norte

Located in the outskirts of Butuan City in the province of Agusan Del Norte, Diosdado Macapagal Bridge is the longest bridge in Mindanao. Diosdado Macapagal Bridge Diosdado Macapagal Bridge details Diosdado Macapagal Bridge was completed in May 2007. The bridge is three kilometers long and connects the Butuan-Cagayan-Iligan Road and the Philippine-Japan Friendship Bridge. Diosdado Macapagal Bridge - Agusan del Norte Diosdado Macapagal Bridge - Butuan City, Agusan Del Norte Diosdado Macapagal Bridge on a nice day! Diosdado Macapagal Bridge at night. Thanks, Japan ! Heading to Butuan City from Cagayan De Oro The bridge was a project funded by the Japan Bank for International Cooperation for the people of Butuan. However, it took several years before the project started (three presidential terms to be exact). It was lobbied to former President Ramos, then was approved by former President Estrada, and finally implemented during the time of former President

Patapat Viaduct - Ilocos Norte

Located in the municipality of Pagudpud in the province of Ilocos Norte, Patapat Viaduct is a concrete coastal bridge that connects Ilocos Norte to the province of Cagayan. Patapat Viaduct Patapat Viaduct details Patapat Viaduct is the fourth longest bridge in the Philippines . The bridge measures roughly around 1.3 kilometers long. It is elevated 31 meters above sea level. Aside from that, the bridge is said to be the northernmost bridge in the Philippines Patapat Viaduct - Pagudpod, Ilocos Norte We managed to do the jump shot photo. Anyone planning to visit Ilocos Norte, especially Pagudpod , should take time to visit this architectural structure. Trust me, the bridge would present a beautiful backdrop to your photos. Patapat Viaduct is trully eye candy What I like about Patapat Viaduct is the scenic environment around it. The view of the bridge snaking towards the area of Cagayan is truly amazing, not to mention the relaxing atmosphere brought by the sou

Food Trip: Flavor of the Road

Filipinos love sweets. Especially when it is served cold on a very hot summer day. Today our food trip brings us back to my favorite childhood food -ice cream. However, this particular ice cream is different from the ones you buy in malls. Some call it Dirty Ice Cream but to give glory to this delicious dessert let's call it by its other name - Flavor of the Road . Flavor of the Road Unlike the ones sold in the markets, this ice cream is home made. What makes it stand out is that instead of/ aside from cow milk it is also made from breast milk...  The Flavor of the Road : Cheese-Mango I have to taste this one. Trying out the Flavor of the Road in Mindanao Yummy! JUST KIDDING! Now that I got your attention, what really makes the Flavor of the Road unique is that it is made from coconut milk (which is abundant in a tropical country like the Philippines). Like most Filipino favorites, this food is also peddled in the streets much like the taho and the balot. The ice

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